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Announcing the Captain’s Commendation Ribbon

The number of service ribbons that can be awarded to characters for In Character actions continues to grow! Today, we’d like to announce the Captain’s Commendation, an all-purpose ribbon that can be used at a commanding officer’s discretion to recognize exemplary service. While it is a catchall award, it still requires unusual action that should result in formal recognition. From its proposal:

Several times, I’ve found myself at a loss when I want to recognize a character with a service ribbon at the end of a mission, but none of his/her actions seems to fit any of the existing categories. Even the Legion of Merit, which seems like the ribbon with the broadest definition, doesn’t work – because a lot of the time, those characters haven’t necessarily gone beyond the scope of their duties, but they did perform those duties very well, in a timely fashion, etc.
… The Captain’s Commendation Ribbon, then, will recognize characters performing outstanding acts and deeds during a mission or other critical situation whose actions may not quite fit within the more narrow contexts specified by the other service ribbons. It will be a lower level and more generalized IC award COs can bestow upon those under their command as they see fit to properly recognize these actions (and thus provide another way for COs to boost morale and encourage good simming within their groups).

Let your characters shine — they might just receive special recognition! As always, remember that you can read more about all service ribbons on the wiki!

Service Ribbons for October

Service Ribbons are in-character awards presented to characters for acts of heroism and participation in plots and campaigns.

Ribbons can be received at any time, but are generally presented alongside crew promotions. It is not uncommon for all members of a crew to receive campaign ribbons.

These brave and honorable members of our group received them in October; please join us in congratulating them.