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New Captains Council Magistrate: Selene Faranfey

The Captains Council (“CC”) is one of two administrative bodies for our community, and is tasked with managing promotions to the rank of Commander, as well as a host of issues regarding the universe in which we play. Each year, the CC elects a Magistrate, whose job it is to facilitate ongoing discussions, tally and record votes, and act as the official messenger for the council to the Executive Council and the fleet at large.

For 2016, the CC Magistrate was Capt. John Nugra. Many thanks to him for his service in the role!

For 2017, the council has elected Capt. Selene Faranfey, CO of the USS Athena, to the position of Captains Council Magistrate. Congratulations to her for this recognition!

Faranfey recently served as the Executive Council “Captain at Large” for 2016, and the Commandant of the Academy. She recently moved from the Commandant role to the Chief Statistician for the Academy, and launched her new ship. You can read more about this player in past interviews here, and here.

Duty Calls: The Magistrate

StarBase 118 is unique in many ways, but most unique in its form of government. Today, we have the pleasure of reading about the specific position of Magistrate, currently held by Emma, player of Quinn Reynolds on the USS Garuda.

Amanda: Hello Emma, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.

Emma: You’re welcome!

Amanda: Now, before we get started, I always prefer to get to know a little bit about the person I’m interviewing – so let’s start at the beginning: When did you first hear about and join SB118?

Captain Nicholotti Named Magistrate

200px-Kali2012bIt has come to pass that our very own Captain Kali Nicholotti has been named to the Captain’s Council as its Magistrate. Certainly with the nomination and subsequent vote, there comes the burden of responsibility. Captain Nicholotti has nothing but high hopes for the role. ” The position of Magistrate is a position that we nominate Captains for, and then the council votes on those nominations. It pleasures me that the council has confidence that I can serve in this role and capacity at this point in my career.”

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