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Duty Post Award winner – Ash Tristan MacKenna, Arrow (Black Cross)

Join us for another in a series of interviews with winners of Duty Post awards from our recent 2020 Awards Ceremony. Our goal is to give you insight into how our fleet’s best simmers write, and imagine their characters.

This month we’re interviewing the writer behind Commander Ash MacKenna playing a human female Intelligence Officer assigned to the USS Arrow. She won the Black Cross: “This award is given to a member of the Intelligence community that strives to accomplish the goals of Starfleet Intelligence, while simultaneously upholding the ideals and structure of Starfleet command. This person has the cunning to gather intelligence by means of deceptive dialogue or espionage, as opposed to force drawn confessions. While matters of intelligence are often game changers, this person strives to attain those goals within the boundaries of their Commanding Officer, and the regulations of Starfleet.

TIERNEY: Tell us a little about the writer behind the character — where in the world do you hail from?

MACKENNA: Though I spent most of my life growing up in the shadow of America’s space program on the space coast of Florida, I currently reside in the exact center of the state of North Carolina, surrounded by woods, cattle fields, and the Uwharrie Mountains.

Captain Oddas Aria of the USS Juneau said in her presentation that you collect information from both conventional and unconventional sources. Working in a world of technology and diverse species, could you give some examples of where you obtain information?

I think the information aspect can be a tricky thing, especially depending on the mission. Of course there are set sources and things that are known OOC’ly in the mission build, but within the Trek universe there is a wealth of places to potentially get bits and pieces of intel that can be used to build stories to provide information on just about anything. There’s everything from rumors that go through civilian populations on starbases, legends from primitive races met and catalogued along the way, patterns in movements and actions not outwardly spoken in words, and of course a number of databases that provide a place for intelligence officers across starfleet to combine the mass of information they see, feel, and hear in their travels. 

Eye-popping new ship logos bring a smart look for community’s 26th anniversary

As the start of our 26th-anniversary celebration – which starts today on June 1, just two weeks shy of 26 years from the day that our group was founded in 1994 – we’re announcing the completion of our all-new ship logos:

The Image Collective – founded by FltCapt. Kali Nicholotti and currently led by FltCapt. Jalana Rajel, LtCmdr. Jo Marshall, and LtCmdr. Ayiana Sevo – has been on overdrive in the past few months, cooking up incredible designs for all kinds of things. I thought we’d bring together a roundtable of folks who worked on these, and past designs, to talk about the history of ship logos in the fleet.

In the interview below, you’ll hear from:

  • Ens. Alieth of the Thor
  • FltCapt. Jalana Rajel of the Constitution
  • LtCmdr. Jo Marshall of the Gorkon
  • FltCapt. Kalianna Nicholotti, playing Cmdr. Ash Tristan MacKenna on the Juneau
  • Capt. Oddas Aria of the Juneau

WOLF: These new designs are really striking, so thank you for all your hard work on these! What was the impetus for these redesigns, and which ones did each of you work on?

ALIETH: Well, it all started out a little unplanned, to be honest. Ensign Sirok and I just agreed to remake Thor’s emblem as a small weekend pet project, as a way to welcome Kells as our new CO. The Collective loved it when I shared it with them and Jalana and Jo (if I recall it well) suggested that we should revamp all the current starships’ emblems in the same style to give them a coherent look… and here we are!

For my behalf, I have worked on the emblems of the Thor (alongside with Sirok), the Constitution-B, the Starbase 118 and the Juneau. I assisted Sirok a bit with the Veritas’ one, but that design is basically his job.

In any case, I consider this revamp a team effort, since I have received a lot of valuable feedback from other Collective members, and I have had some great resounding walls for my ideas there.

MARSHALL: For sure! Alieth’s designs were really inspirational, so when there was a chance of revamping the rest of the designs, it was a really cool project for the collective to sink their teeth into. I cracked on with the Atlantis design of the familiar trident inverted to look a bit squid-like, and we had to find a good emblem for the Gorkon — so the new one is based on the shuttlecraft Chancellor Gorkon uses in the movie.

It was a great challenge and had us all thinking outside the box for some design ideas. Alieth and Sirok just smashed it, doing the lion’s share of the project, and really did such an amazing job.

In The Spotlight: Kali Nicholotti

UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG offers opportunities for writers and their characters to climb their way up through the ranks while embarking on amazing adventures we, the writers, can only dream about. Of course, with adventure comes risk, and no one knows about more than the character of Kali Nicholotti. Today, I had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about this protagonist and her trek.

DeVeau: Welcome, welcome!

Nicholotti: Thank you, it’s good to be here.

DeVeau: You’ve been around SB118 for a while? Will you share some of your history with us?

Nicholotti: I’ve been here for just over 5 years. I originally joined after seeing the new Trek movie. When I was a teenager, I once played a PBeM Star Trek RPG where I rose to captain a ship. I remember loving it, so on a whim, I went to Google and looked for a similar game. The one I used to play was nothing more than a dead website, but Starbase 118 wasn’t. I had my application in that day and started training a couple days later. From then, I’ve had one epic journey after another.

What is a Writing Challenge “Champion”?

Some writers enjoy occasionally entering a story in the bi-monthly Writing Challenge contest. Others make a concerted effort to enter each and every round, and most are rewarded for their efforts — not only with recognition as a winner or a runner-up, but also in honing their skills and receiving feedback from Challenge judges. But it’s that select group of folks who not only enter Challenges regularly but also win regularly that I’d like to praise today.

The Writing Challenges have seen many multi-time winners (you can see a full list at the bottom of the “Challenge Winners” page), but simply winning multiple Challenges doesn’t make you a Writing Challenge Champion. Champions enter and win multiple Challenges in one year, demonstrating that they not only have the stamina and perseverance to think through individual topics and craft memorable stories, but that they also can do so again and again!

There have been five Champions in the history of the Writing Challenges: Saveron in 2011; Kali Nicholotti (now Cascadia Rainier), Velana, and Alleran Tan in 2012; and Saveron again along with Sinda Essen (previously Jhen Thelev) in 2013. These talented writers submitted winning entries in multiple Challenges in the years listed, making them Champions — and recognizing their excellent abilities!

Will you be our next Writing Challenge Champion? There’s only one way to start, and that’s by entering the Writing Challenge! Our current Challenge, “Fashion,” will be open until Monday, August 25th, so make sure you get in an entry before then!

StarBase 118 Ops Wins Excellence in Prolificness

On January 1st, the Ongoing Worlds blog announces it’s winner for the Simulation Cup. The cup is described by it’s creators as “a one-time competition allowing role play games of various clubs and genres to compete against each other in a friendly manner for several awards.” It gives us great pleasure to announce that the crew of Starbase 118 Ops, led by Captain Kali Nicholotti, are among this year’s list of winners.

Kali Nicholotti & Diego Herrera Win November Writing Challenge

Congratulations to these two COs, whose “Empty Skies Over Tokyo” and “Guts and Glory!” (respectively) tied for first place in the November Writing Challenge. Double congratulations to Marissa, the writer behind Nicholotti, who also came in second place in Ongoing Worlds’s writing contest that, like November’s Writing Challenge, centered on the exploration of a character’s ancestors.

If you haven’t already, take a look at December’s Writing Challenge, which asks about the spiritual side of characters in the Trek universe. What sort of story can you write based upon this prompt? I look forward to seeing, but do it quickly: This Challenge ends on December 26th!

Congratulations Kali Nicholotti!

Today, we congratulate Kalianna Nicholotti on her promotion to the rank of Captain!  She has officially completed her Captaincy Exam requirements, and her promotion has been approved by the Executive Council.  Kali has been a member of the fleet since 2009, when she joined the USS Resolution under the command of Fleet Captain Toni Turner.  She later served on the USS Eagle, USS Victory, and StarBase 118 Ops.  Kali assumed command of StarBase 118 Ops when Captain Andrus Jaxx launched the USS Apollo.  She has faithfully served the fleet in many ventures.  Kali is the facilitator of the Image Team and serves on the News Team, Podcast Team, Training Team, and Publicity Team.  She and her crew will remain aboard StarBase 118 Ops for the near future.  We look forward to hearing more about the adventures of StarBase 118 Ops, and the USS Victory under the command of their newly promoted Captain, Kali Nicholotti!

Kali Nicholotti Becomes CO of SB118 Ops

StarBase 118 Operations is the oldest simming installation in the UFoP: Starbase 118 fleet, with her first Yahoo! group post in May 1998. In the past fourteen years, Ops has had many commanding officers, and now Ops’s former executive officer and 2011’s recipient of the Rising Star Award, Kalianna Nicholotti. Kali and her writer kindly answered some questions about this inheritance, and about former Ops CO Andrus Jaxx’s launch aboard the USS Apollo.

What in-character circumstances led Kali to this command position?

The IC circumstances of Kali taking command have pretty much been building up over time. Jaxx is an amazing leader IC and OOC, and in both areas he has slowly introduced me to more and more until one day I look up and I’m quite capable of juggling the various things that need to be juggled in order to successfully serve as a commanding officer. Sure, stepping into the position officially is taking things to a whole new level, but both Jay [ed. note: Jay= Capt. Andrus Jaxx] and I know that it is something I am well prepared for. Likewise, Jaxx has done the same for Kali IC, so when the orders come through, it won’t be a huge surprise.

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