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To Commanding and Beyond – Jalana Rajel, USS Constitution-B 

We have a very special interview this month with someone who has been a catalyst in the fleet! I have the very special honor in taking the time to talk with Commodore Jalana Rajel, a Trill female who’s been the commanding officer for the USS Constitution-B for 5 years and running.

Commodore is an exclusive rank and title captains and fleet captains can earn in UFOP: StarBase 118 once they have served as commanding officer of a vessel for five years (whether continuously during one tenure or cumulatively over multiple commands). Having completed their own “five-year mission” aboard their ships, these COs are recognized by our community as among our finest leaders in the fleet.

GALVEN: Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed by the Community News Team! Could you tell us a little about yourself for our readers out there?

RAJEL: Of course, thank you for having me! I am Jess, almost 41 years old from Germany and have been a member of this brilliant community for eight years. I have been roleplaying since I was innocent 8 years old and not only have I enjoyed every moment of it but I can’t imagine ever not to roleplay in some shape or form. It just inspires my writing and energizes me to share stories with other writers.

Congratulations on your promotion and your longevity being the commanding officer for 5 years! What does the rank of Commodore entail?

Thank you! I hope it doesn’t entail more paperwork. 😉 I am kidding, but I don’t believe it is much different from being a Fleet Captain. I will continue to lead my ship and to participate as part of the Captain’s Council with the best of the fleet in mind.

Jalana Laxyn Wins July & August Writing Challenge

Many congratulations to Jess, the writer behind Jalana Laxyn, who won the July & August Writing Challenge with her short story “Fatal mistake.” This is Jess’s second win, following her first-place story in the December 2012 that wove a delightful tale that involved Klingons and Santa Claus. “Fatal mistake,” which was written in response to the Challenge’s theme of “Fashion,” was the high-risk “adventure” of a kidnapped kindergarten teacher sentenced to die for violating one of the sacred laws of another sentient species: wearing the color green. Judges had this to say about the story:

…the major stakes are personal and manifest in monologue or dialogue. Claire, with the unknown lizard alien, jogs between the two, and the result is a pleasing but distressing story about what happens to a Starfleet officer when there is no rescue at the end of the day. Very strong stuff! (judge’s character: Cassandra Egan Manno)


The identity of the main character, not a Starfleet officer, but a teacher, is smart and effective. Claire was brave enough to join a mission to deep space, but didn’t sign up for something like this. I instantly felt for her, and the tragedy of her end is enhanced by this. (judge’s character: Ren Rennyn)

Jess has kindly provided the theme for our September and October Writing Challenge, and it’s a perfect complement for the approach to Halloween: “Run Shivers Down My Spine.” Head over to the Writing Challenge forums to learn more!

As always, don’t forget that you can pick up a complete collection of all this round’s short stories, in PDF format, for free. Get yours here!

June plot summary for the USS Apollo

After the alien vessel’s AI, Rapture, made itself known on the bridge of the USS Aegis, NCC-74323, Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster spoke with the ambassador of the alien species, and agreed to assist them, asking them to send over details of what was needed.

While they waited, Sundassa worked with Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn to organize a team that would go to the other ship, consisting of their Engineer, Lieutenant JG Eileen McCleran, Nurse Ensign Dial. Since transporters didn’t work with the alien ship, they had to rely on a shuttle and their HCO Lieutenant JG Patrick McLeod to pilot it.

The team on the Aegis continued to try to scan and get answers about the strange aliens while their away team shipped out. Ensign Ar’jin working on deciphering the scans of the ship.

Once the away team got over there, the away team separated to get the work done, while Laxyn went to meet the Elder. While Laxyn was with the Elder, the Ambassador took things wrong, attacked and imprisoned some of the away team, causing a lock down on the ship, and the Aegis crew was left to negotiate the return of their crew mates.

The captured team escaped during negotiations and made their way to the shuttle bay with the assistance of the AI and some of the aliens, while the Elder offered Laxyn use of his emergency escape pod.

Top Sims Contest Update

The Top Sims Contest is now accepting nominations for Round 18! There are some great sims being produced by our members every day. Making sure they get the recognition they deserve is easy, and only takes a minute.

Visit the Top Sims Contest page and start a new topic. Then paste the sim you want to recognize into the text field.

It’s just that easy to share a great sim with the entire fleet. The winning sim will go on to the third run-off round.

And while you’re out there, please take a moment to congratulate FltCapt. Rainier (nee FltCapt. Nicholotti), for her post “Legacies,” which just won the second run-off round of the year. This sim now proceeds to the final run-off round of the year to face off against three other sims. Run-off round one winner was LtCmdr Jalana Laxyn, and the other two run-off sims will be chosen later this year.

Tyler Kelly wins March/April Writing Challenge

Congratulations to Travis, aka Tyler Kelly (and formerly Colt Daniels), on his first Writing Challenge win! His story “The Bunny Abides” was written in response to the “Rabbits” Writing Challenge of March & April 2014. This unique Challenge topic prompted several interpretations, from “The Bunny Abides” to the runner-up, Jalana Laxyn’s Alice in Wonderland-inspired “Watch your head!” Judges noted the difficulty of deciding this Challenge, and they hope that you’ll take a look at the complete March & April Challenge compilation to read through the fine stories for yourself!

Of “The Bunny Abides,” judges were effusive in their praise. Toni Turner wrote, “It was a fast moving plot, that sucked you in from beginning to end, gave hope for the characters’ survival, then snatched it away, staying true to the premise of the research being a “total failure.”” Sal Taybrim, winner of the previous Challenge and new judge for the Writing Challenges, wrote that she “found this idea the most compelling and it had the most lingering, haunting ending.” This story takes the Challenge’s titular creature in a completely unexpected direction, and it’s one that you’ll have to discover for yourself when you read this winning story!

The next Challenge, “Do what is right, not what is easy,” is already up, so hurry over to the Writing Challenge forums for more!

July 2013′s Featured Bio: Lt Cmdr Jalana Laxyn

Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn, a non-joined Trill is the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Apollo. Her dedication to her patients and their needs has seen her progress through the ranks and she has worked her way up to the position of Chief Medical Officer. She is one of few students to graduate the Academy without having first earned the title of Doctor, however she is working on that alongside her regular duties.

She has a mentor, Cayden Adyr who is providing her with support as she goes through the training she’ll receive on the Trill Symbiosis Program. It is her hope that one day she will become joined.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with Major Viktor Lanius who she is in a relationship with. He taught her how to play poker and has been known to cook meals for them, which she particularly appreciates due to being hopeless at it herself. One of the things she can do though is play the Trillian flute, a wooden instrument she has been playing since childhood.

Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn’s bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of July. As always, you can find out more about the contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Round 14 is now open, so be sure to drop by and submit your own nominations!

Jalana Laxyn Wins December Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge LogoCongratulations to Jess, the writer behind Jalana Laxyn, whose short story “The mightiest warrior of them all” has won the December 2012 Writing Challenge!  This is the writer’s first entry and first win. The December Challenge was built around the theme of belief systems in the future of Star Trek, and Jess’s intriguing entry regarding Santa Claus as viewed by a hybrid Klingon boy impressed the judges with its unique take. Jess has already chosen the theme for our January/February 2013, “Where do you see the universe in 10 years?” The theme welcomes our characters IC to the last decade of the 2300s, so come on over and enter today!

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