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A look back at the Graphics Contest

The Graphics Contest was recently retired after more than a year of amazing graphical creations. There are some fond memories and incredible artwork over the time-period it ran, and we’d like to take a look back and recognize what this contest brought to the group.

The Starbase 118 Graphics Contest started in fall of 2014 as a way to recognize the amazingly talented artists in our community. There were eight total rounds, covering everything from holiday themes to designing the Space Station Astrofori 1. Over twenty artists participated, and they created over 50 wonderful entries for us to marvel over. The Graphics Contest was run, and judged by, Captain Jalana Rajel, commanding officer of the USS Constitution-B and facilitator of the StarBase 118 Image Collective. Captain Rajel brought this creative contest to life and gave us many months of great pictures that made us think, smile and brought StarBase 118 to life.

The contest started out with categories for people and world-building, but as it grew many of the entries spanned both categories.  So later contests had one general theme for contestants to fulfill.

Some of the highlights of the contest include:

A hilarious gallery of Christmas entries from 2014, including winners Fleet Captain Cascadia Rainier and Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly

The gorgeous Spring 2015 gallery, including Lt. Commander Talia Kaji’s peek into her favorite Gorn’s downtime and Lt. Commander Kellly’s stunning comic book cover art showing his previous commanding officers.

Summer 2015’s uplifting gallery, including winner Lt. Antero’s Flynn’s inspirational “Legacy of the Federation” retro poster

Lt. Commander Rune Jolara’s winning entry for Halloween 2015: Monster Trek.

A chilling autumn 2015 gallery showing artist’s depictions of fear, featuring winner Lt. Commander Aiyana Sevo’s haunting computer generated artwork.

And a Jolly Holiday 2015 gallery showing off winner Admiral Toni Turner’s lovely ornament styled artwork.

You can spot graphics contest winners and runners up by the badges they wear on their forum signatures or their wiki profiles.  Take a moment to walk down memory lane and appreciate some of the great artwork done by our members, and keep an eye out for what incredible contests and showcases we have in store in the future.

Design Astrofori One Contest

UFOP: StarBase 118’s Graphics Contest and command staff of the USS Garuda are pleased to announce a new graphics challenge: Design Astrofori One!

This contest is looking for talented creators and graphics wizards among our membership to come up with a wholly unique station design for the Garuda‘s new base of operations, Astrofori One. A-One is, however, much more than a simple base. It’s a political and diplomatic experiment in the Menthar Corridor, and its mission is to bring together the major and minor powers in the Corridor under the banner of peaceful cooperation and collaboration.. In-character, the station was built by a coalition of races and powers, including the Federation, the Cardassian Union, the Breen, and the Kubarey. It’s definitely not your standard Starfleet station, and any winning design will surely have some fun with creating something that we’ve never seen before!

This challenge will be open through the end of April, at which time judges from the Garuda and the Graphics Contest will decide upon a winner. We look forward to seeing your entry, so please head over to the contest on the Graphics Contest forums to learn more!

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