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Poll of the Week: Just turn it off 5

This week marks the end of our “Just turn it off” series, and we are going to go out with a bang by taking a closer inspection at Star Trek: Enterprise, the forerunner to all our classic Trek canon. Now, I am not going to go all “I hate Enterprise!” because Enterprise did have some great stories in it but with those came quite a few rotten episodes. Assuming that everyone has watched Enterprise, or at least a good portion of it, this week’s poll is all about picking out which was the worst episode. Whether the episode made you turn off the TV or not, which is the one that you simply can’t stand?

Finally if an episode that you felt was an epic fail, compared to other wonderful stories that Enterprise gave us, didn’t appear in the poll, leave a comment. You all know the drill, we all want to hear what you think. So to that affect remember to visit the forums and vote because its the conversation and debate that makes these polls fun.

Also keep in mind that if you want to see something specific in a upcoming poll, go to the Poll Suggestions thread to let me know. Have fun, everyone!!

History Never Forgets the Name “Enterprise”

“Let’s Make Sure History Never Forgets The Name….Enterprise”

Those are the famous words uttered by Captain Picard in the Next Generation Episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (S3;Ep15). We are all aware of the Enterprises in Star Trek, however there were many ships named Enterprise in real life as well. With the US Naval Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) undergoing its final mission, I have decided to put together a chronological list of ships named “Enterprise”, both through history and into our future. In this multi segmented series, I will begin with the 18th Century with the very first Enterprise. The French vessel L’Enterprise.


This first Enterprise saw action between 1705 and 1707. and was quickly captured by the British Navy ship, the HMS Tryton in May of 1705. It served in the Mediterranean under the command of J. Paul. On May 19, 1707, W. Davenport took command and she saw action off of Leghorn, (Livorno) Italy. She wrecked on October 12, 1707 off of Thornton.

A Real World Version of the Enterprise, in Only 20 Years?

Many people have dreamed of creating the Enterprise, or even living in the realm of Star Trek in the distant future, but no one has ever put together an extensive proposal to actually attain such a lofty goal – until now. Today, an Engineer who simply goes by the name BTE (Build the Enterprise) Dan, suggests that a full scale Enterprise could be built within the next twenty years based only on technology that exists today. He believes that since we have the technology, there is no reason we shouldn’t make the attempt.

According to his plans, the first generation Enterprise would be able to make a trip to Mars in only three months. But is this just theory? Thos who have seen his plans note their meticulous nature and the fact that he seems to have all the details included. Not only do the plans contain ion powered engines, but also allow for artificial gravity on parts of the ship. He’s even come up with a funding schedule that would allow the project to be funded over time though simple, and small, tax increases and cuts that would bring in funds from other programs.

The ship, which would be built in space much like the International Space Station was, is quite functional. With a rotating plate to provide gravity within the saucer section, and nacelles that would keep nuclear powered reactors away from the people inhabiting the ship, it seems that BTE Dan has left nothing to question. He says it will act as a space station, with the capability of holding about a thousand people aboard at any one time, and as a ship to carry probes and other test equipment to various planets throughout the solar system.

While the project seems quite possible when viewed through the eyes of this engineer, there are some fairly large ‘if’s involved. Getting Congress to approve the funding, which could come through NASA is but one of such obstacles, but it may be one of the biggest. Dan postulates that the funding of the project could be easily accomplished without a huge impact on the United States, but can he get others to agree with that idea?

Find out more on the Build the Enterprise project here.

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