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Dancing With The Stars

Have you ever compared the skies and stars to dancing? In many books and stories I’ve read, heavenly bodies have been depicted as undulating in a coordinated array of motion, as if swaying to some unheard melody that only they can fathom. ‘The stars danced in the sky’ seems to be a popular description among many fellow sim players in the various games I’ve played over the last decade. So do stars really dance? Perhaps they do. At the very least, they play music! Okay, the stars may not play music, but a black hole did – well, a single note anyway.

Back in November of 2003, astronomers actually heard a note coming from the Perseus Galaxy, a massive cluster galaxies located a mere 250 million light years away from earth. What sort of note? Using technology along with gold old fashion music theory, Dr. Andrew Fabian and a team of colleagues at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, England determined that a note detected from the cluster was, in fact, a B-flat. Don’t expect to be able to hear this celestial tone – it rings out at about 57 octaves below middle C. That’s over a billion times lower than the lowest note the human ear can hear.

So next time you gaze up at the stars and see them gleam and prance in the night sky, it may very well be to a tune that only they can hear.

You can read more about this musical cluster by heading over to Nasa’s website.

Dance, Takei, Dance!

Every fan of Star Trek is familiar with Hikaru Sulu – George Takei in real life. The American actor (born of Japanese parents) has reprised the beloved character in every single Star Trek movie that featured characters from the original series. He has even guest starred in an episode of Voyager. Outside of film and television, Sulu is known for his philanthropic works, particularly with human rights and Japanese-American relations. He even has an Asteroid named after him. What many may not know, is that Takei is also an accomplished dancer. The world over sat in astonishment and delight as Takei filmed and shared is magnificently expressive ‘Happy Dance’. That isn’t the last of public dances, thankfully. Takei made an appearance at the Cincinnati Oktoberfest where he joined others on the stage and helped lead the chicken dance. Fortunately, the act was caught on camera and now the world and future generations can watch the exquisitely executed dance over and over again.

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