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Captain tenure stats in UFOP: SB118

Former captain Mal Avatar has been spearheading a great deal of historical cataloging, and recently he put together some very interesting stats on commanding officers, which we wanted to share with you. Check out these great insights below:

The average commanding officer is in command for 1.92 years, with the median just 1.32 years.

Of course, there are some outliers. The record for length-of-time in the captain’s chair belongs to the following captains:
1. Hollis Calley who commanded the Kodiak-A, Kodiak-B, and Ursa Major for 7.98 years
2. Tyr Waltas who commanded Starbase 118 Operations, Discovery-B, and Discovery-C for 7.52 years (still active)
3. Jessa Anassasi who commanded USS Constitution-B, USS Phoenix-C, USS Independence, USS Independence-A for 6.63 years
4. Rocar Drawoh who commanded Duronis II Embassy, USS Constitution-B, Starbase 118 Operations, USS Eagle, USS Victory for 6.59 years
5. Sidney Riley who commanded USS Tiger, Starbase 118 Operations, USS Independence-A, USS Tiger-A who 5.39 years (still active)

Set your calendar, Captain Waltas! You’ll break Hollis’ record on March 8, 2391.

On average, it takes 3.24 years to get the captain’s chair with a median of 2.90 years.

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