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Brayden Jorey promoted to Commander

The Captains Council is very pleased to announce that Brayden Jorey has completed all of the requirements for promotion to Commander, and has been approved for promotion.

Jorey has been a member since December of 2016, and has served on the Tiger, Gemini, Darwin, StarBase 118 Ops, and Duronis II Embassy in Helm, Tactical, Security, and Intelligence roles before being promoted to First Officer. He is highly decorated, having received the Genesis, Pathfinder, and B-Plot Awards, as well as the Captain’s Commendation.

Out of character, the player for Jorey has been a participant of the Community News, Training, Wiki Operations, and Department of Veterans Affairs before taking command of the Featured Bio Contest as facilitator. His eager participation throughout our activities, and his thought-leadership through tutorials, have been a huge benefit to our community and its simmers.

Please join in congratulating Brayden Jorey on his promotion to Commander. Click here to head to the forums now!

You'll Always Be My Number One

First Officer in Focus: Brayden Jorey of Duronis II Embassy

Each month we interview a First Officer or Commanding Officer of the fleet as part of our “First Officer in Focus” and “Captain’s Corner” columns to get to know them better, and learn more about what their positions entail. Last month, we heard from FltCapt. Zalea Solzano of the Gorkon, and before that LtCmdr. Theo Whittaker of SB118 Ops.

This month, we’re sitting down with LtCmdr. Brayden Jorey, First Officer of the Duronis II Embassy. Let’s get started!

WOLF: Tell us a little about the writer behind Jorey. Where do you hail from, and what are you up to when you’re not simming?

JOREY: My real name is Shawn and I live in Toronto, Canada. However, I’m a small town boy at heart being born and raised in a small village (less than 100 people) about 600km north of Toronto. Grew up hunting, fishing, playing hockey, drinking beer… basically a perfect example of your Canadian stereotype. In Toronto, I’m a personal trainer and life coach who spends most of his free time playing volleyball (indoor and beach 2’s), cooking good food for me and my hubby, and heading out to the bars and clubs with friends.

What ships have you served on and what duty posts have you played so far in your Starfleet career?

Brayden Jorey started on the USS Tiger-A as a helmsman. Over my couple years on the Tiger I made my way up to full Lieutenant. I became the Chief Helm Officer, then was the Commanding Officer of the Tiger’s Air Group, eventually adding Chief of Security and then Chief Tactical to my duties. When the Tiger-A was decommissioned I moved over to the USS Gemini as her Chief of Security, but I was only there for about a month. It was at that time that I made plans for Brayden to become an Intelligence Officer and took a month to slowly transfer over the Embassy and Thunder-A as their Chief Intelligence Officer and Second Officer.

Then came the launch of the USS Darwin-A. Jorey (and I) was brought on board the Darwin as the First Officer just prior to it’s launch. It was my first taste of really doing the behind the scenes work that has kept the fleet running smoothly for so long. Unfortunately, a short time after launch my real life situation changed and I took an LOA from the fleet. It was an email, many months later, from Captain Renos that brought me back to the fleet and to the Darwin. It was great to see something I had a hand in launching doing so well! My return was also timely because the Embassy and Thunder-A needed and First Officer and I was more than thrilled to jump at the opportunity – the rest is history.

Background Check: Andrus Jaxx

::A pale white light appears through the darkness in the distance. Gentle sounds of low-pitched chimes and haunting plucked strings echo softly. The camera slowly zooms in on a shadowy figure wearing black who is looking down at the ground. Percussion builds and in a dramatic wash of cymbals the man looks up to the camera. He keeps a stoic expression and speaks with a sense of urgency as he faces the camera head on..::

Jorey: No one, no matter how hard they try, can escape their past. ::The camera angle changes. We are above him. He looks up at the camera and continues.:: To understand our present and predict the future, we must first understand our history. ::Jorey looks down toward the ground at a floor camera and the angle changes once again.:: This rule applies to everyone – criminals, masterminds and even our most celebrated heroes. We are not born, we are made. ::The camera swings up and begins to move out as the music builds to a final climax. A blurry mess of gold lettering fills the screen and slowly comes into focus revealing a graphic of the show’s title.:: I am Brayden Jorey… ::He raises an eyebrow.:: and this… is Background Check.

June plot summary for the Duronis II Embassy and USS Thunder-A

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy and USS Thunder-A, NCC 70605 has been on shore leave for the past month while the new crew members who recently transferred from the USS Vigilant acclimated themselves to Embassy life.

While on a trip to DS6, Fleet Captain Toni Turner and Lieutenant Brayden Jorey saved a Zalkonian man (Malon) from death, just prior to his ship exploding. Before taking him back to the Embassy for medical treatment, they found out he was a member of the Zalkonian Evolutionist Movement (ZEM), a process of transformation into a non-corporeal being, and he was showing signs of isoelectric bursts.

Shortly after admitting Malon to the Medical Center, he went into a healing trance, and Turner and Ambassador Della Vetri are now waiting for him to awaken to find out more about him, speculating that he may want to contact with the Laudeans to reopen the Zalkonian Embassy in Lokesh City. Until they talk to him, no one knows what the future holds.

Lower Decks: Lieutenant Brayden Jorey

:: A deep pulse of bass music opens up with a graphic of turbolift flashes over the screen before the screen lights raise up to focus in on Vulcan man seated in a chair with a pair of ceramic coffee mugs on a small table between his chair and the as of yet off screen occupied one. ::

Sopek: Hello and Greetings. My name is Sopek and it is time once more for an installment of The Lower Decks. Where we leave behind the center chair and big office and go down below to speak with the crew of the vessels and bases in Starfleet. ::He shifts slightly to meet the changing camera and waves a hand to the other chair.:: Tonight’s guest is Lieutenant Brayden Jorey. He is the Chief Tactical Officer and Chief of Security on the USS Tiger-A. Good Evening Lieutenant.

September 2013’s Featured Bio: Lt JG Brayden Jorey

Lieutenant Junior Grade Brayden Jorey, a Betazoid is the Chief Helm Officer at the USS Tiger A. His skill and quick reactions at the helm has seen him rise to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and though his career is young he shows much promise.

Even before Jorey graduated from StarFleet Academy he excelled academically, scoring in the top 5 of his class. Athletically he did very well and clearly loves to look after himself physically and mentally. Jorey was Captain of the Velocity team, leading them to victory in his last two years at the academy. He was also a top scoring striker in the Academy Soccer league. Another unique opportunity he has was to be able to participate in a Klingon Bat’leth competition on Forcas III. He had learned his skill with the weapon from Koroth who is an important figure in his life, and is one of few non-Klingons to be awarded Champion standing.

Jorey’s first mission outside of the Academy saw him arriving at his assignment, the USS Tiger A only to be trapped with fellow crewmembers in a nightmarish world of their minds own making. The ship’s counsellor had to treat him later for a unique for of post-traumatic stress disorder.

His next mission saw him on an unexplored planet in the Hermates Sector, helping with the recovery of a century old Federation shuttle which had begun to emit a signal from its distress beacon. Things soon got out of control when a FTU ship was discovered and then destroyed by another unknown ship. A StarFleet Officer along with individuals rescued from the FTU before its destruction caused Havok aboard the USS Tiger A before eventually making off with some of its technology.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Brayden Jorey’s bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of July. As always, you can find out more about the contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Round 14 is now open, so be sure to drop by and submit your own nominations!