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Today’s Paddcast: Interview with the CO of USS Thor, Aron Kells

A new episode of the Paddcast brings FltCapt. Aron Kells to Captains Corner, with German Galven interviewing. Kells has a long and storied history of leadership here, and we’re interested to hear his take on things!

Click here to listen to the interview with Aron Kells on YouTube.

June plot summary for the USS Garuda

The crew of the Garuda, including the surprise return of a younger Aron Kells, were busy working to save the population of the city of Bocasa. This city, the largest settlement of the Eth race on the planet Pleethion, was about to be engulfed by an unstable, volcanic mud dome.

One away team, under XO Commander Ross, was assigned to monitor the mud dome and investigate methods to stop its eruption. What no one could expect was that Commander Ross would turn rogue, kidnap Captain Reynolds, and abandon the rest of the team next to the dome. To compound his treachery, he had laid explosives aboard the USS Garuda to hinder their pursuit of him in a stolen shuttlecraft. Fortunately, Lieutenant Delano’s force shields prevented a lot of the damage to the ship.

Meanwhile, another team, led by 2O Lt. Cmdr. Calderan, was tasked with helping with the evacuation of Bocasa. However, they were surrounded and captured by Eth zealots who resented their presence on the planet. They were being taken to be sacrificed to the deity Sirilis, but they were rescued at the last minute as the Garuda restored its sabotaged transporter systems and beamed them back safely. The mud dome away team were likewise rescued, but not before LtCmdr. Alleran Tan got a limpet mine painfully embedded into his leg.

With the crew reassembled, the engineers and scientists on the Garuda worked to develop a plan to dehydrate the Mud Dome and save Bocasa, before beginning their pursuit of the wayward Harrison Ross and his captive, Capt. Quinn Reynolds.

Top Sims Runoff Round 2 – Vote now!

The Top Sims Contest second round run-off is now open for voting. The winning sims from rounds 6 – 12, as selected by our panel of judges, are posted and ready to be voted on by our community. Your votes will determine which sim will go on to the final run-off round to determine the best sim of the year.

So head over to the Top Sims Contest page and make you voice heard. Polling closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, June 29th, so don’t delay!

And while you’re there, be sure to congratulate the each round’s winner:

Finally, don’t forget to nominate some of the great sims that our community is constantly producing. Round 15 is now open for submissions, and the people you think are writing great sims can’t get the recognition they deserve unless you nominate them. The best sim of the year may be here, or it may have yet to be written, the choice is yours.

In Command: Captain Cassandra Egan Manno

I think most of us are familiar with Tony, the player behind that temporal magnet, Aron Kells. Recently, some events have taken place which took the USS Mercury out of comission and Aron Kells out of the spotlight. Not to worry, Tony isn’t going anywhere, and he’s brought on a whole new character – Captain Cassandra Egan Manno. I had the opportunity to sit down and get a little information about his new face.

Congratulations Aron Kells!

On behalf of the staff of StarBase 118, we would like to congratulate Aron Kells on his recent promotion to the rank of Captain!  Aron’s career started as a much different character, Airseé Lily Ventu.  Tony, the writer behind both of these characters, started with Lily on the USS Victory as the ship’s Counselor.  Ventu held this position up until the Victory was decommissioned and then transferred to the USS Constitution as Second Officer, on stardate 238403.29.

After a few months in that role, she then transferred to the USS Triumphant as the ship’s Executive Officer under Captain Rhys Bejain.  When the Triumphant was decommissioned, she moved to the USS Independence as the Chief Medical Officer, and Counselor.  Ventu remained on the Indy in this capacity until the USS Tiger launched under Fleet Captain Sidney Riley.  Moving to the Tiger, Ventu once again assumed the role of Executive Officer on stardate 238505.05.

Later that year, she transferred to StarBase 118 Ops as an Ambassador.  She served in this role until she was promoted to the rank of Commander on stardate 238607.20.  At that time, she was given command of StarBase 118 Ops.  Ventu served in this role until her writer had to take a LOA from the fleet.

Once the LOA was over, the character of Ventu was left as a diplomat aboard StarBase 118, and the writer behind her took Aron Kells for a test drive across the galaxy.  Kells was posted as a Science Officer aboard the USS Drake, under Captain Quinn Reynolds.  A year later, Commander Kells transferred to the role of Executive Officer aboard StarBase 118 Ops, under Captain Kalianna Nicholotti.  He only got to serve in this role for a short time, as he was given command of the USS Mercury.

With his Captaincy Exam behind him, Captain Aron Kells has elected to remain aboard the USS Mercury.  He and his crew can be found among the stars trying to solve any scientific mystery that they come across.  We wish Captain Kells and his crew continued success!  For more on Captain Aron Kells and the crew of the Mercury, check out their wiki page or Yahoo Group page!

Officer’s Guide: Un-fogging the Writing Challenge

Writing challenges are usually designed under the premise of being… well, challenging. As an Ensign, or as Commander Kells has shown us – a cadet, it may be more challenging than one might think at first. Knowing the ins and outs of the process and how the challenge works can be the key to getting started. LTJG Vid-Lotilija of the USS Apollo has compiled just the article for any prospective Challenge candidate. Take it away Lieutenant!

Taking Command: Commander Aron Kells, USS Mercury

With Commander Miles Unum taking a Leave of Absence due to a career change, the USS Mercury now has a new commanding officer. Commander Aron Kells has reported for duty!  Tony, the writer behind Aron Kells, is no stranger to Starbase 118.  Graduating from the academy back in 2005 with the character Lily Ventu, he was first assigned to the USS Victory as a Counselor.  When asked about his time on the Victory he stated, “The ship was running a mission that didn’t have much to do with the counseling department and so I was a pretty inconsistent simmer. Nevertheless, when I finished the mission strongly, I was promoted.”  Lily Ventu remained in service for quite some time.  She made it to the rank of Lieutenant Commander on the Victory and remained in her role until her decommissioning in 2007. 

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