Andrus Jaxx

Background Check: Andrus Jaxx

::A pale white light appears through the darkness in the distance. Gentle sounds of low-pitched chimes and haunting plucked strings echo softly. The camera slowly zooms in on a shadowy

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July Featured Bio Winner

Rear Admrial Jaxx is a high ranking Betazoid officer of great renown having commanded the USS Victory, Starbase 118 Ops and the USS Apollo. A great many officers have served

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Congratulations, Andrus Jaxx!

Today, we congratulate Andrus Jaxx on his promotion to the rank of fleet captain! The Executive Council notified Fleet Captain Jaxx of his promotion on October 19th, when they made

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Captain’s Corner – Andrus Jaxx

Character Name: Andrus Jaxx Rank and Current Post: Captain, Commanding Officer StarBase 118/USS Victory Real Name: Jay Part of the World you’re from: North Carolina, United States What is your

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