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Background Check: Andrus Jaxx

::A pale white light appears through the darkness in the distance. Gentle sounds of low-pitched chimes and haunting plucked strings echo softly. The camera slowly zooms in on a shadowy figure wearing black who is looking down at the ground. Percussion builds and in a dramatic wash of cymbals the man looks up to the camera. He keeps a stoic expression and speaks with a sense of urgency as he faces the camera head on..::

Jorey: No one, no matter how hard they try, can escape their past. ::The camera angle changes. We are above him. He looks up at the camera and continues.:: To understand our present and predict the future, we must first understand our history. ::Jorey looks down toward the ground at a floor camera and the angle changes once again.:: This rule applies to everyone – criminals, masterminds and even our most celebrated heroes. We are not born, we are made. ::The camera swings up and begins to move out as the music builds to a final climax. A blurry mess of gold lettering fills the screen and slowly comes into focus revealing a graphic of the show’s title.:: I am Brayden Jorey… ::He raises an eyebrow.:: and this… is Background Check.

July Featured Bio Winner

Rear Admrial Jaxx is a high ranking Betazoid officer of great renown having commanded the USS Victory, Starbase 118 Ops and the USS Apollo. A great many officers have served and thrived under his leadership but he started out just the same as any officer and first served as a counsellor aboard the USS Challenger in 2384. From there he worked through the ranks and did a spell as a strategic operation officer as he took his first steps into command as second officer aboard that ship. From there he was first officer aboard the USS Resolution before moving back into the role of strategic operations officer aboard the USS Eagle. In 2387 he was transferred to the USS Victory as first officer and would later become its commanding officer.

Outside of work fitness is important and Jaxx loves to work out, he can often be found in the holodeck playing sports such as racquetball, fencing, skiing or sparring and is notably, one of few Betazoids who can use a Bat’leth. He is an avid swimmer and spends as much time in the water as is reasonably possible.

He likes socialising with and getting to know his crew and will scrub in and help even the lowliest of crewmen, often much to their surprise! He is an excellent judge of character and is able to quickly assess new officers and decide whether he will like them or not. There are very few people on his bad side but thankfully they generally have the sense to keep out of his way.

Congratulations to Rear Admiral Jaxx! His bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of April. This month, our star pick bio belongs to Lieutenant Commander Nia Calderan, so congratulations to her as well.

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The Admiral’s Corner – Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx

On April 6, 2014, Andrus Jaxx was officially promoted the to rank of Rear Admiral. The News Team previously interviewed then Captain Jaxx in early 2012 as part of a segment called The Captain’s Corner, where we learned a little more about the character and the writer behind Admiral Jaxx. Now that he’s attained his new rank, we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with him and find out what’s been going on since then. Admiral Jaxx was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule and answer some more of our questions.

Andrus JaxxWhen we last interviewed you on the Captain’s Corner, you were “Captain Andrus Jaxx” and Commanding Officer of Starbase 118. Regarding positions held, where have you been since then and where are you now?

Wow, that is a dated article!  Looking at the date, it was published about a week before I launched the USS Apollo.  I have been commanding officer of the Apollo ever since.  Excitingly enough, we just lost the USS Apollo, and will be moving to the USS Apollo-A in the next couple months.  The new Apollo-A is an Odyssey Class starship and we cannot wait to get her into service.  While I have advance to Fleet Captain and Rear Admiral, I will still continue to call the USS Apollo home.

Congratulations, Andrus Jaxx!

Today, we congratulate Andrus Jaxx on his promotion to the rank of fleet captain! The Executive Council notified Fleet Captain Jaxx of his promotion on October 19th, when they made him the fourth fleet captain currently active in the group. Jaxx’s writer, Jay, has been a member for almost exactly five years, since he joined the USS Challenger in October 2007 as a counselor under Captain TPen. Since then, Jay’s led Jaxx around the fleet by way of the Resolution, Eagle, and Victory, eventually rising to command that ship as well as Starbase 118 Ops and the Apollo, which he currently commands. Jay is also incredibly active in OOC activities around the fleet; at present and among other activities, he is a deputy commandant in the Academy, heads the Podcast Team, is the Captains’ Council magistrate, and has recently stepped down from directing the Newsies. Jay will no doubt keep the crew of the Apollo on a short leash as a new fleet captain (wink, wink?), and we wish him the best of the best as he continues his journey with Starbase 118!

Captain’s Corner – Andrus Jaxx

  • Character Name: Andrus Jaxx
  • Rank and Current Post: Captain, Commanding Officer StarBase 118/USS Victory
  • Real Name: Jay
  • Part of the World you’re from: North Carolina, United States

What is your earliest recollection of Star Trek?

My earliest recollection of Star Trek was TNG.  I remember it running on TV late at night, and on weekends I would stay up and watch it.  I was fascinated by that form of space travel, and could not get enough of the story.  I remember it being a solo activity, since nobody in my immediate family like Star Trek.

How did you find the Starbase 118 group?

Accidentally.  I love research and gaining knowledge, and one day after watching Star Trek: Nemesis for the 20th time…I was curious about the USS Titan, and Captain Riker.  I ran a search for the USS Titan, and stumbled on the inactive page for our USS Titan.  It had long since been decommissioned, but it got me to take a look at the group and what it was.  I took about 2 weeks looking over every aspect of the site before deciding to jump in.  I was not a big fan of writing, so I was a little nervous.

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