Congratulations, Andrus Jaxx!

Congratulations, Andrus Jaxx!

Today, we congratulate Andrus Jaxx on his promotion to the rank of fleet captain! The Executive Council notified Fleet Captain Jaxx of his promotion on October 19th, when they made him the fourth fleet captain currently active in the group. Jaxx’s writer, Jay, has been a member for almost exactly five years, since he joined the USS Challenger in October 2007 as a counselor under Captain TPen. Since then, Jay’s led Jaxx around the fleet by way of the Resolution, Eagle, and Victory, eventually rising to command that ship as well as Starbase 118 Ops and the Apollo, which he currently commands. Jay is also incredibly active in OOC activities around the fleet; at present and among other activities, he is a deputy commandant in the Academy, heads the Podcast Team, is the Captains’ Council magistrate, and has recently stepped down from directing the Newsies. Jay will no doubt keep the crew of the Apollo on a short leash as a new fleet captain (wink, wink?), and we wish him the best of the best as he continues his journey with Starbase 118!

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