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Writer’s Workshop: How To Think, and Write, Like an Alien

VulcanOdd title for an article, but not so strange if you are a writer of science fiction; whether it is for a movie or television show script, a book, or a role play game on a forum, thinking like an alien can sometimes be your ultimate goal. The first few items I mentioned are more likely for someone’s occupation, the last item is for fun. In this particular dimension and time, we haven’t had contact with alien cultures, that we know of. Any being from another world we write about for fiction is going to be based on a heavily modified Earth culture. Elements from those cultures would be downplayed, exaggerated, or conceptually “turned” ninety degrees.

Some aliens in Star Trek have some recognizable elements in them, such as how the Klingon Code of honor mirrors some elements Japanese Bushido code. Even the warrior’s armor has a faint Samuraiesque feel, but still is purported as alien as are many other races. To successfully write a character of one of these races, it is vital that you actually get into the mind of a being that is simply not human.

But how do you do this? The steps below will help you to get into the skin of nearly any alien race.

Sci-Fi Ideas ‘Alien Week’ Starts August 26th!

If you’ve been a member of Starbase 118 for long, of if you’ve taken a good look around the wiki at all, you know that we don’t limit ourselves to the creativity put forth by the creators and designers of Star Trek itself. From unique locations in space, to brand new alien civilizations, our members have come up with some pretty stellar ideas over the years. And while anyone is able to work with the Species Development Committee to create and design their own race within our game, now we have a chance to step outside the bounds of 118 and put that creativity to use while spreading the word about the Starbase 118 Fleet – by participating in Sci-Fi Ideas Alien Week!

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