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USS Blackwell crew transfers to USS Columbia

DEEP SPACE 26 — With the events of P-409 Sigma now behind them, the crew of the USS Blackwell enjoyed some much-needed downtime.

Check out the history of the Columbia

Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated Community History Team, the rich history of the USS Columbia has been excavated and added to our wiki for historical purposes.

The Columbia has had three commanding officers in our game: Mal Avatar, Benjamin Livingston, and most recently, Brek.

Using our email archives, other wiki records, and Community News, log entries from Captains Mal Avatar and Ben Livingston’s era have been recovered, as well as a complete crew history, complete awards history from all three eras, and a full episode guide which details every mission undertaken by the ship’s crew.

The Columbia’s updated wiki area also features a graphics page, shore leave logs written as poetry, and a list of the namesakes of the Columbia.

Head on over to the USS Columbia wiki page to read more about this proud ship and her history.

You can learn more about the Community History Team, or join them, on the forums.

USS Columbia aids Romulan colony

ESTAVA — Freedom’s Hope, a mining colony key to the Romulan Republic’s fledgling economy, broke off all communication, prompting an investigation by USS Columbia.

Following a request by the Romulan Republic, USS Columbia was sent to Estava, a planet at the edge of Republic territory. A former holding of the Romulan Empire, this planet and its valuable mineral resources have been disputed by the Empire in recent years to be rightfully theirs. The colony, renamed Freedom’s Hope under Republic control, is unique in its effort to serve as a free and safe workspace for Romulans and Remans alike.

As the closest Federation ship, Columbia rendezvoused at Estava with the Republic ship RRV Mhr’Vaat to begin an investigation. Unexpectedly, they were also met by the Imperial ship IRW Carnifex.

Commander Brek sent an away team led by Lt. Commander Rendal Rennyn to investigate the apparently abandoned colony, while Columbia dealt with the presence of the rival Romulan ships. Soon, Columbia was able to beam aboard a large number of miners and colonists who had gone into hiding in the mines. The ship is housing the Romulans and Remans in temporary quarters designed by Counselor Talia Kaji.

Reports indicate the miners were hiding from the spread of an ailment of unknown cause, which transformed some of the colonists into unrecognizable monsters. It is unclear whether this is some form of contagion, parasite, or the result of secret scientific experimentation, but Dr. Johanna MacLaren and CSO Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman are investigating.

Columbia continues to investigate the nature of this horrifying affliction, even as it has spread to the ship through contact with the rescued colonists. It is not yet clear what assistance, if any, is being offered by Mhr’Vaat or Carnifax.

“If Columbia is caught between ships from the Romulan Republic and the Romulan Empire, it is certain their operations will be hindered by the rivalry of those two factions,” said Fiordiligi Gosk, a Federation political commentator.

While the surface team explores colony facilities that have been overrun by monsters, the ship’s crew faces danger of exposure to this terrifying affliction. Though Romulan disputes seemed to be a threat to Columbia‘s safety, the real danger bears no political affiliation, and threatens to impact all those involved.

USS Columbia returns from 4-dimensional planet

STARBASE 118 — After witnessing the birth of Hemix II, a new planet at the intersection of the 4th dimension, the crew of USS Columbia has returned to spacedock.

An attempt on the life of Commander Brek, Starfleet’s first Ferengi captain, headlined a variety of remarkable events aboard USS Columbia in the Skalur Expanse. Sent to investigate an island ecosystem on Hemix that appeared overnight, Columbia encountered pirates, assassins and creatures from the fourth dimension in an adventure that put the new captain and his crew to the test.

A pirate leader, Chennel, was captured and incarcerated under Federation law following her vicious treatment of prisoners Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly, Lt. Theo Whittaker and Lt.jg Mirra Ezo. The three were awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained while imprisoned.

“I have your away team as my prisoners, Commander. I thought I would let you see one of them… before I had him executed,” Chennel is reported to have threatened over comms, before claiming Hemix was her planet and demanding Columbia leave the region.

While Chennel was captured and remanded into Federation custody, another attacker went free. The mysterious shapeshifter known as Que made an attempt on Brek’s life on the Ferengi’s own bridge. Que was cornered by several officers after a shipwide search, and rendered unconscious by a paralyzing agent released by Dr. Johanna MacLaren. Que later disappeared from custody on Starbase 118, and her whereabouts are unknown. It is thought she posed as a Columbia crewman for several months prior to the assassination attempt.

Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman is being lauded for his discoveries in the fourth dimension that seems to intersect at the site of Hemix. While his research has yet to be released, scientists at the Daystrom Institute eagerly await Breeman’s remarkable findings. Breeman has been made Chief Science Officer aboard Columbia.

Following their adventures, the crew headed to Echevar, a resort planet not far from Starbase 118. There, Commander Brek reserved a ski lodge as a reward for the crew’s hard work and dedication. Brek awarded his officers with ribbons for gallantry, bravery and discovery, as well as presenting a Prometheus Ribbon to the entire crew, and an Explorer’s Ribbon for their discoveries on Hemix, including the planet itself, which transformed into the new planet Hemix II as a result of its intersection with the fourth dimension.

During the ceremony on Echevar, Ensigns Mirra Ezo, Antero Flynn and Diego Beyett were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG. More amazing discoveries and exciting adventures await the crew, with Columbia set to embark on a new mission soon.

USS Columbia finds pirates, creatures on mysterious island

HEMIX — Investigating a vibrant island ecosystem that appeared overnight, USS Columbia has encountered Romulans, pirates, and dangerous new creatures.

In support of Operation: Knife Point, Commodore Heather Westhaven dispatched USS Columbia, NCC-85279, to the Skalur Expanse.

The Columbia crew welcomed a number of new transfers prior to their new mission. This emerging team celebrated the promotion to Commander of Brek, Columbia’s commanding officer and the first Ferengi captain in Starfleet. Following a holodeck celebration modelled on Risa by Ensign Flynn, a Risan native, the crew of Columbia were recalled to duty.

Arriving in the Skalur Expanse, Columbia was sent to Hemix, an uninhabited world previously studied only by the Romulan Republic. Romulan scans shared by Tribune Shiarrael of the Republic showed a rocky planetary surface devoid of life. However, an island on Hemix was recently found to be home to a wide array of plant and animal life, where nothing had previously existed. As the first to set foot on the island since it developed this dynamic ecosystem, the Columbia crew was guided by their mandate to seek out new life.

Yvonne Komeno, a spokesperson for the Daystrom Institute, expressed excitement at the unfolding discoveries.

“Initial data from Columbia shows unprecedented forms of life on Hemix,” she said. “This is a unique opportunity to study plants and animals that are not only new to us, but untouched and unobserved by any culture.”

Challenging Columbia’s progress is the rumored but unconfirmed pirate presence in the Skalur Expanse. Reports indicate operations by the shadow organization known as Sicarius, as well as other possible cartels. Following transmission of initial data, Columbia’s away teams lost communication with the ship. A team led by Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly appeared to have encountered pirates on the planet surface, and are reported to have been taken to a pirate spaceship in orbit of Hemix. A science team led by new first officer Lt. Commander Rendal Rennyn is reportedly still on the island, having difficulty with unexpected and unpredictable lifeforms.

Meanwhile, a shadowy presence has been reported lurking aboard Columbia. With the crew distracted by dangerous pirates and strange creatures, Sicarius may find an opportunity to strike. As Operation: Knife Point continues in its quest to seal the rifts caused by Prometheus Station, USS Columbia is working to ensure the safety of Federation ships operating in the area by watching for dangers and stopping them whenever possible.

USS Columbia helps Romulans clear pollution

ROMULAN SPACE — Upon his return to Columbia, Captain Ben Livingston was confined to sickbay with radiation illness while the crew assisted Romulans to clear Avronis of pollution.

While Captain Livingston was confined in sickbay with a serious case of radiation sickness, Lt. Cmdr. Brek, Lt. JG Tatash, and Ensign Flynn prepared to go to Avronis. They used the Bhujerba shuttle, on which a Romulan cloaking device had been installed. After stealing a power generator from one of the recycling stations on Avronis, they flew to the site of the Iconian gateway, and unseen, they destroyed it.

On their return to Columbia, Brek waited until all the supplies requested by the Romulans had been shipped to them, and then he asked Flynn to take them back to StarBase 118. The Ferengi also went to speak with Major Nelkar, a Tal Shiar agent who had fled Avronis with Captain Livingston. After a long discussion, the major decided to cooperate with Starfleet Intelligence, so that the scientists working with him could be set free.

The cloaking device was removed from the shuttle by Whittaker and Didrik Stennes. Also, following orders by Tatash, they made sure that the Romulan device could never be used again.

“The amazing and the illegal quite often overlap” said Didrik Stennes, a civilian observer on board Columbia.

As soon as they reached StarBase 118, Flynn created a Risian holodeck setting for the crew’s traditional “end of the mission” party. Meanwhile, Lt. Johanna MacLaren and Ensign Mirra Ezo shared their distress at discovering that Captain Livingston’s health wasn’t improving.

At the same time, Brek received the latest addition to the Columbia crew: Captain Nugra, their chief intelligence officer; Lt. Cmdr. Chythar Skyfire, a medical officer; and Lt. Talia Kaji, their new counsellor.

Later, Brek joined the crew at the holodeck party to announce the change of command and to deliver the traditional award ceremony. There, he got the surprise to be promoted to the rank of commander by Captain Nugra.

While several crewmembers went cliff diving in the Risian landscape, Brek received Columbia’s new first officer, Lt. Cmdr. Rendal Rennyn.

USS Columbia continues its search for Captain Livingston

EN ROUTE TO AVRONIS – While Captain Livingston is confronted to the Tal Shiar, USS Columbia‘s crew meets with an ancient species.

After checking the specifications of Ambassador MacLaren’s shuttle, Lt. JG Whittaker was viciously attacked and lost consciousness. He was found by Ensigns Oori and Ezo, and promptly transported to Sickbay. There, a Marine, who appeared to have lost control of his mind, pointed a phaser at Ezo. Thankfully, the entrance of a hapless crewman with an injured hand provided a distraction and Tatash incapacitated the Marine.

Later, while in security, Tatash suffered a mental assault, leaving him with just enough lucidity to call Dr. MacLaren. Their CMO went to him right away. Upon discovering his trauma, both transported back to Sickbay.

“There is no sign of phaser wound, or any other for that matter. However, there is highly elevated neural activity similar to that of REM sleep in a human. This suggests that he’s either in a deep dream state or in some form of hallucinatory state,” said Dr. MacLaren, Columbia‘s chief medical officer, describing Lt. Tatash’s condition.

“He’s also in shock, so something happened, either mentally or in reality, that has traumatized him,” she added.

At the same time, while enjoying some rest time in the Galactic Halo, Lt. Cmdr. Vitor Silveira and Ensign Antero Flynn came across an invisible entity who tried to take control of Silveira. Meanwhile, Major Nelkar lost control of his underground base when the Iconian gate activated itself, releasing several brutal aliens in the Tal Shiar’s headquarters. The gate caused intense tremors that facilitated the escape of Captain Ben Linvingston and his small crew.

Aware that he was well and truly trapped, Nelkar sided with Livingston, and together they managed to escape from Avronis onboard the Kumari.

On Columbia, one of the ‘invisible’ saboteurs revealed itself as an Iconian. After a lengthy discussion with Lt. Cmdr. Brek, it gave the crew an ultimatum: they would spare the lives of the Romulans working on the recycling project on the condition that this encounter be classified, and that the Avronis gateway be once and for all destroyed. They left the ship right after their terms had been accepted.

Soon after, Captain Ben Livingston, the Kumari crew, along with Nelkar and some of his men, rendezvoused with the Columbia. Doctor Johanna MacLaren and Ensign Flynn, greeted them and discovered that their captain had a severe case of radiation poisoning.

Captain Ben Livingston of USS Columbia disappears in Romulan space

VENTURIUS SECTOR – On his way to planet Avronis V, Captain Ben Livingston, commanding officer of the USS Columbia, has gone missing in Romulan territory.

On Starbase 118, the crew of the Columbia had been enjoying a relaxing barbecue in a holodeck, during which promotions and awards were presented by Captain Livingston. A few days later during shoreleave, the crew discovered that an urgent request for help by the Romulans had forced their captain to take the captain’s yacht Kumari to Avronis V. The Columbia, under temporary command of Lt. Cmdr. Brek, was to join Livingston as soon as repairs and restocking were completed.

Two days later, following a spate of bad repairs from Starbase 118, and fearing that someone was trying to delay their mission, Brek decided to start their journey to Avronis ahead of schedule. Several hours later Columbia tried to contact Captain Livingston and discovered that they couldn’t trace the Kumari.

“It appears that we may have an issue with the shuttlecraft modifications,” said Lt. JG Theo Whittaker, one of Columbia’s engineers. “Ensign Oori reports that two new power cells are defective and the metaphasic sensors aboard the Bhujerba were out of alignment by a significant amount.”

On Avronis’ Moon Station, Administrator tr’Lleodah was reassured to see that nature was making a quiet come back to his planet. Emboldened by this, he prepared a little reception to receive Captain Livingston. On Avronis itself though, things are far from being pleasant. The staff working in the recycling stations suffered a spell of dangerous accidents that menaced their health and forced the shut down of several facilities, slowing down their recycling program.

Moments later, unbeknown to everyone, as soon as he reached Avronis, Captain Livingston was captured by Major Nelkar, a Tal Shiar agent trapped in an underground facility on the planet.

USS Columbia discovers disturbing truth behind Outpost Alpha

PIKTAR SYSTEM – An artificial intelligence aboard Outpost Alpha was badly damaged after various attempts at merging it with a deadly program called Mercy.

Commodore Heather Westhaven had requested the USS Columbia to investigate incidences of computer and robot malfunctions on Outpost Alpha. As soon as Columbia approached the outpost, it was contacted by Goxac, captain of a Ferengi marauder called The Sons of Ferenginar. The Ferengi seemed to have been tipped on the events concerning Outpost Alpha, and they did all they could to steal the outpost’s artificial intelligence.

An away team from Columbia went to investigate the outpost and came across Lt. T’Sai, who turned out to be at the head of the A.I. project. This unique project used a seven-year-old girl, whose dead body had been donated to the outpost to be subsequently connected to their computers.

The A.I., called Providence, managed to partially control the Columbia, using a musical cypher, inadvertently played by Lt. Cmdr. Silveira. This code had been sold to him by a Ferengi. However, during his diplomatic ventures, Ambassador Gavin MacLaren had also come across the same sort of file. Thankfully, upon discovering that the A.I. was meant to be united to a destructive program called Mercy, the crew managed to reason with it. While doing so, they interrupted the merging process, which unfortunately badly impacted Providence’s program.

“It is the other half of the circle. You are speaking to Providence, and that is Mercy,” said Providence, the A.I. from Outpost Alpha. “One cannot exist without the other, but the link is not complete.”

On the outpost, T’Sai made a desperate attempt to reunite Providence with Mercy, but while this was happening, a mysterious woman contacted Lt. Cmdr. Brek, giving him an ultimatum: if T’Sai couldn’t be stopped, then the outpost would self-destruct within minutes. With so much at stake, Brek fired at the scientist and then stopped her program. Unfortunately, this damaged Providence’s matrix even further.

When everything looked settled, The Sons of Ferenginar fired on Columbia. They had better weapons than the Columbia crew had surmised, and they managed to create substantial damage to the Federation ship. It took the ingenuity of Captain Livingston, along with the tactical, science and engineering departments, to put into action a plan that wrecked the Ferengi marauder. Unbeknown to the Columbia crew, “the mysterious woman” discovered that those Ferengi had been in the pay of the Tal Shiar.

Once everyone was back on board, Ensign Tatash questioned the scientists from Outpost Alpha. When it became clear that none of them were entirely aware of the ramifications of Project Providence, Tatash requested the help of Ambassador MacLaren to devise a protection plan for them.

A few days later, with the ship repaired thanks to the diligence of Ensigns Theo Whittaker and Nuvia Oori, the crew was invited to a holodeck barbecue, where the food was being served by two impromptu chefs: Captain Livingston and Ensign Tatash. The crew then discovered that their chief counsellor, Cmdr. Karynn Brice, had given birth to a healthy baby girl.

Artificial intelligence infiltrates USS Columbia’s systems

PIKTAR SYSTEM — The USS Columbia has confronted an artificial intelligence that took control of Outpost Alpha in the Piktar System, but the A.I. has now infiltrated Columbia’s systems as well.

As part of the Prometheus Incident, the USS Columbia was sent to find out what had happened to Outpost Alpha. En route, they began to suspect that the A.I. had gone rogue. As a routine precaution, outbound communications (except for the main bridge), were cut, so as to avoid any interferences from the station’s A.I.

Soon after, Captain Ben Livingston received a small delegation of Ferengi. With the help of Ens. Tatash, LtCmdr. Vitor Silveira and Ens. Ceilidh Riverview, he tried to make their guests talk about their intentions regarding Outpost Alpha. The scheme looked like it would work when first officer Trolloc revealed that she disliked what her people were doing in the Piktar sector.

While this diplomatic chatter went on, Silveira managed to outwit a Ferengi communication officer, and bought a data stick containing vital information. Moments later, Livingston was called away, as Ambassador Gavin MacLaren had made a surprised visit, bearing an unexpected gift: a coded message that is related to Outpost Alpha.

During those events, LtCmdr. Brek, Cmdr. Karynn Brice, Lt. Johanna MacLaren, along with a squad of Marines led by 2nd Lt. Dorian Grand, went to explore Outpost Alpha. As soon as they ventured into a corridor, they encountered a group of scientists who, in no uncertain terms, asked them to leave. The way all their movements were coordinated and their constant references to a ‘complete or incomplete circle’, convinced the team that this group had somehow been subjugated by Outpost Alpha’s A.I.

When it became clear that the A.I was trying to get rid of the Ferengi who recently boarded the outpost, the away team tried to help Alpha find them. However, violent actions from those Ferengi thwarted their plans.

On Columbia’s bridge, Ensign Diego Beyett and CPO Hector Adler struggled to keep control of the probe that had been sent to monitor the outpost. This signaled the beginning of new complications: Alpha’s A.I. took advantage of a coded message consulted by the crew to infiltrate Columbia’s systems. Replicators and forcefields were among the first systems to fall under its control.

“It’s a life form. The outpost was experimenting some time ago with intelligence. Not artificial, but cybernetic,” said Ensign Tatash, Columbia’s security officer.

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