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Vaadwaur Invasion Campaign Ribbon!

In 2387, the fleet participated in plot arch in the Ithassa Region.  It involved a terrorist attack on DS17, resulting in the Vaadwuar taking control of the station.  With a hope for a diplomatic resolution gone, Fleet Captain Mar organized Operation Bright Star.  The operation was designed to retake DS17, and bring the Vaadwuar aggressors to justice.

Today, we honor those who participated in this conflict with a new Service Ribbon, approved by the Captains Council.  Any officer involved in this conflict is asked to contact their Commanding Officer to find out if they are eligible.  For more information on our Service Ribbons, check out the Awards area on the wiki!

FLASHBACK: Gorn Conflict of 2383

The Gorn Conflict of 2383

The Gorn Conflict of 2383

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -George Santayana

Five years ago, the Gorn Confederacy invaded Federation space. The result was a prolonged, bloody war which culminated in the Battle of Eratis. This event was known as the Gorn Conflict of 2383.

Faces of Ithassa: “Evil Jack”

Jackford “Evil Jack” Kolk is a version of Jackford B. Kolk who was a Starfleet Lieutenant and Chief Engineer on Deep Space 17 in an alternate universe (Universe 107-LS9) until he was arrested for insubordination, and perhaps even treason, by his commanding officer, Station Commander Danny Wilde of the alternate universe. Before any further action could be taken against him, he escaped and accidentally crossed over into our universe. (more after the jump)