USS Octavia E. Butler completes her maiden voyage

USS Octavia E. Butler completes her maiden voyage

DEEP SPACE 14, NEW BAJOR — The USS Octavia E. Butler, one of the latest in the new line of Sagan-class starships, has returned to Deep Space 14.

For her maiden voyage, she was sent to the planet Cheyd’lang, formerly under Dominion occupation. Though the ship returned undamaged, initial reports show little progress on the planet’s recent requests and interest in joining the Federation. Early reports, however, indicate that a large number of refugees were brought back and distributed to various Federation-friendly locations. This raises questions about the future of Cheyd’lang and its people.

We caught up with Lieutenant Junior Grade Nilsen for comment, who said: “It was a challenging first mission. I don’t want to talk about what happened in the mine, but thanks to Project FORT, we have the best operations department in the fleet. I’m proud of my colleagues. They rose to the challenge and provided the best possible support and care for those we were able to liberate. I’m also grateful to the UDP representative for coming to the negotiation table and working with us for the benefit of the Chey’d people. First Officer Fraya wants it known that the UDP is not the Dominion, and we shouldn’t judge them based on the actions of those who came before. I hope this is the start of more positive relationships between our peoples, and maybe the start of a diplomatic career option for me.”

This, of course, raises even more questions about the future of the Gamma Quadrant and the Federation’s position there. Hopefully, we’ll find out more soon.

Deep Space 14: A Beacon of Progress?

Deep Space 14, the jewel of New Bajor, is a recently constructed station in the Gamma Quadrant. It boasts Bajoran design and the latest Federation technology. Is it a picture of progress in the quadrant? Only time will tell.

But the crew of the Butler are taking it, and the planet, in stride for their well-earned shore leave. While some have been spotted checking out New Bajor, a majority of the crew seems to be working. Given some of the recent crew changes, this doesn’t surprise this reporter!

New Faces, Old Troubles

Changes abound on the Butler. From the arrival of ex-Borg Jacen Xaivis to the shift at First Officer, there’s been a shakeup. Jack Kessler, recently listed as MIA, seems to have returned, and word is there’s already drama! Executive Officer Etan Iljor leaves to take command of the USS ‘Oumuamua, while Lieutenant Commander and Director of Intelligence Avander Promontory steps up to take his place. Another new addition to the crew, and Promontory’s replacement, is Commander Margaret Walker, who specializes in the Gamma Quadrant.

Rumors are swirling around the station that troublemakers, a holdover from the ‘Oumuamua, are up to their old tricks. Are they just a band of merry pranksters, or is there a more sinister shadow organization at work? We caught up with an Ensign from the ship, Yinn, who possibly confirmed their existence: “Well, if you’re asking about it, then it can’t be that secret. And I assure you, we’re the furthest thing from organized.”

Chief of Security Aine Sherlock remained tight-lipped: “I cannot confirm any active investigations. But I can assure you, if there’s any misconduct of the sort, I will find out about it.”

Despite the shake-ups, it looks like the new Sagan-class starship and her crew are ready and willing to set out for new adventures.

Written by: Aine Sherlock

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