USS Arrow Crew Enjoys Leave Under Shadow of War

USS Arrow Crew Enjoys Leave Under Shadow of War

ALPHA ISLES — Beach party, training simulations, and a holiday party keep USS Arrow crew busy over leave.

Following a particularly tumultuous mission, and under the threat of a new alliance between the Sheliak and Tholians in the Alpha Isles, the crew of the USS Arrow make the most of their shore leave on Deep Space 33. A beach party was hosted by the newest member of the medical team, the Bzzit Khat Ens. Piweh during which officers participated in swimming, enjoying spit-roasted fish, and fighting off hordes of golden retriever puppies following the invocation of a snowball fight.

Being the target of the pack of puppies, Lt. Hobart had only one comment, “There are some truly devious minds on this ship.”

Not long after the excitement on the Arrow’s holodeck, Chief Engineer Connor Dewitt and Mission Specialist Chloe Waters hosted damage control training in one of the station’s holodecks. Medical and science personnel were subjected to a number of emergency conditions all requiring immediate attention and were asked to come up with acceptable and appropriate solutions under stress.

“The simulation seemed very, very real,” stated Ens. Malor of the Arrow’s engineering department. “I was on cleanup duty following the training event and it was stressful even after they supposedly fixed everything.”

With winter festivities happening around the galaxy on many planets, a holiday party was even held aboard the Arrow in the new lounge, the Starboard Bow. A tree, gifts, and festive outfits were on hand to help the crew enjoy some ancient traditions while fending off the feeling of looming trouble.

As leave draws to a close, rumours are rampant not only aboard the Arrow, but elsewhere in the sector as well. Time will tell if any of the concerns or whispers of war will ring true.

Written by AJ Cregg

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