Happy 30th Anniversary!

Happy 30th Anniversary!

Toward the end of the last century a small group of like-minded individuals got together and founded Starbase 118. I don’t know how long they thought their brand new simming group would last, but as new members continued to join the group thrived. A five-year mission became a ten-year mission, and the milestones have continued to fall ever since. Today, we celebrate that continuing mission as Starbase 118 turns 30!

Over the next few weeks we’re going to take time to celebrate this momentous achievement. We’ll be bringing you articles looking back on the fleet’s past, along with showcases celebrating the creativity of members, past and present. A new coin is also being issued to mark the occasion, available to all current members, so keep an eye out for that!

We also want to hear from you all, who make this milestone possible! Beginning today, you can head on over to our memory book, found on our Wiki here, where you can share a bit about yourselves, your characters, and your stories so far. Let’s make a snap shot of the fleet at 30, to show how far we’ve come, to look back on at the next milestone, and to honor the journey our fleet’s founders began three decades ago!

Starbase 118 would not be the success it is without each and every one of you, so on behalf of the staff it is our privilege to wish you all a very Happy 30th Anniversary. We hope you enjoy the celebrations over the few weeks. 

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