First Mission, First Crisis

First Mission, First Crisis

Cheyd’lang – Former Dominion Thrall poses challenges, opportunities.

Diplomatic contacts in the region have confirmed that both the United Federation of Planets (UFP) and the United Dominion of Planets (UDP) have been courting the Cheydalanga of Cheyd’lang for potential increased ties. The Cheydalanga were once a thrall of the Dominion who exploited their resources, including a specialized mineral that disrupts sensors. This and their industrial might proved helpful in constructing ships as part of the Dominion war machine. Sadly, since the Federation’s victory in 2375 and the withdrawal of the Dominion, Cheyd’lang has withered and regressed to an almost pre-warp level of civilization.

“Civilization!? More like barbari-zation!” So remarked an anonymous medical professional aboard the USS Octavia E. Butler (OEB) (NCC-82850). “They have slaves that they work to death in their mines! Our first officer has been in a medically-induced coma since we recovered him!” The first officer in question, Cmdr. Etan Iljor, is expected to make a full recovery. “But that’s not all,” the source continued, “we’re now hosting over a thousand refugees! We had to turn one of the shuttlebays into a triage center, it’s so bad!”

Reports indicated that a surprising number of these refugees are non-native to Cheyd’lang, including some former slaves with origins in the Alpha Quadrant. Unconfirmed reports suggest that a Starfleet presence (aided by giant aliens resembling Earth’s ants) were essential contributors in liberating hundreds of slaves.

Representatives from Cheyd’lang could not be reached for comment and some reports indicate internal strife may have embroiled the planet. In more positive news, it appears that the UDP and UFP have struck a tentative accord and agreed to work together in efforts in the region. A UDP ship is reported to be taking a portion of refugees to new homes in the Gamma Quadrant.

The OEB, for her part, has performed admirably in her maiden mission, although one Ops officer was heard complaining that they should have a larger evacuation capacity. The OEB is rated for a max of three thousand evacuees, but the crew felt put upon with half that number. This despite the timely arrival of Second Lieutenant Jacen Xaivis, a marine medical tech, and additional staff, amid concerns from the Admiralty of having an ‘XB’ serve aboard a ship containing derivative Borg tech. 

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