Award winner – Alora DeVeau (Jake Sisko Prize; Quark’s Bar)

Award winner – Alora DeVeau (Jake Sisko Prize; Quark’s Bar)

Join us for another in a series of interviews with winners of awards from our 2023 Awards Ceremony. Our goal is to give you insight into how our fleet’s best simmers write and imagine their characters as well as their out of character contributions and achievements.

This month we’re interviewing the writer behind Commander Alora DeVeau playing a human woman assigned to the Denali Station, and a Cardassian-Bajoran woman serving on the Octavia E Butler (where her character is named Katsim Peri). She won the Jake Sisko Prize and the Quark’s Bar. The Prize is “Awarded to members of the Federation News Service Team who regularly go above and beyond in their contributions and participation. These team members show dedication and creativity in editing and writing news reports, helping to maintain our IC news service, build the 118 universe and provide inspiration for our members.” And the Bar is “Awarded to members who are regularly active on the chat room, and forums, and have been supportive and involved in conversations enhancing the overall community experience with activities like keeping a quote thread up to date, consistently nominating simmers in the Appreciations forum, starting engaging chat discussions, attending chat events regularly, or being a helpful presence for new players.”

Promontory: You shared a bit in our previous interview, what else do you want to share about the writer behind the character — where do you come from and what brought you to SB118?

DeVeau: I’m originally from Georgia, but went to college in Illinois at first.  It was during this time I met my husband online (back before it was more common!).  I eventually transferred to a school in Texas where I dropped my Japanese major and focused on music.  We got married, I started having kids, and wound up homeschooling.  In 2012, while pregnant with my 3rd child, we moved to Maryland.  In 2018 (now with four kids!) we moved to Virginia and that’s where we currently reside. 

Despite never finishing my degree, I still sing, currently with two choruses.  My daughter (the eldest) is a CNA, my eldest son has one more year before he graduates and is looking into going into a trade.  My 11 year old is obsessed with baseball and wants to be a professional player, but with the way he argues, he’d probably make an excellent lawyer.  My 7 year old is following in the 11 year old’s footsteps for now.  We’re heavily involved in three separate youth baseball leagues and scouting groups.  In fact, we just finished our local Pinewood derby race – something my husband is a bit obsessed with – and my eldest son qualified to go to regionals (he won 1st place overall), so we’ll be heading to Maryland in late March for that.  

I also enjoy camping, which we’ll be doing to go see the Eclipse in April.  I am a quilter, though I haven’t time or a place to do so in some time as we need to reorganise some things in our house.  I also used to do Tiffany stained glass and other crafts.  My hope is that as my younger kids get older, I can indulge in some of my other creative interests outside of writing.

Alora’s been promoted since last time. How has writing for a Commander changed your approach to simming?

I’m not sure if it has?  Or maybe it has and I just don’t recognise it.  I do understand that I’m to take on a more leadership role.  I try to help guide other simmers in scenes with me, but also leave opportunities for them to contribute and add to the story, because they’re authors too.  

One of the privileges and responsibilities of being a Commander is a position on the Captain’s council as a voting member.  As such, I’m involved in discussions that come up in regards to the community, as well as participating in votes when called for.  I feel this allows me a bit more of a voice in the group, though I certainly know there are others in this community with more knowledge and wisdom, and I really appreciate the insight I have access to because of that membership. 

Tell us about the news team. What makes it so meaningful to you?

I love the news team.  I was a member before my LOA in 2019.  Upon coming back, Taybrim and Wolf had revamped the team and created a lot of templates which made it a lot quicker and easier to do interviews – for which I was grateful, because for a while, I was the main person doing those.  Now I have some wonderful people who assist me with these and I’m very grateful for them.  However, the reason I love it is because I really enjoy reading about others in our community.  I love getting to know more about them, who they are beyond their characters.  I guess I just love people in general, and this allows me a chance to interact with those I might normally get to do so because we aren’t on the same ship, even if only for a little while. 

You were also called out for being an interview extraordinaire. What drives your passion for interviews?

Pretty much what I said above.  I love people.  We’re all unique, and yet there are threads that connect us together.  I enjoy seeing those connections, both passions that we share, but also ones that are completely different.  I love hearing more details about those passions, as well as the people themselves.  It’s funny, because people exhaust me, and yet I also enjoy them.  Interviews allow a small glimpse into someone else’s word and allow us a bit more insight into who they are as a person. 

You’re also a frequent nominator for the appreciation forum. If some of our readers are interested in knowing more about those forums (and how and when they could participate) what might you suggest?

I would say, post anything that catches your attention.  My problem is I find things that often catch my attention, but then I don’t post them right away and then they get lost to the ages.  Even if you don’t know if it will make sense to anyone else, post it anyway.  If it entertained you, made you laugh, cry, scream, or get grossed out, or moved you in any fashion, share it, because it’s always nice to know that someone responded to something you wrote, and they won’t know if you don’t tell them – and honestly, if it moved you, it’s worth sharing. 

Thanks for your time, Commander DeVeau!

You can read more about Commander Alora DeVeau  and Lt Commander Katsim Peri on the wiki.

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