USS ‘Oumuamua investigates ancient ruins in Gamma Quadrant

USS ‘Oumuamua investigates ancient ruins in Gamma Quadrant

ALPHA BRENKELVI II — Long range multi-spatial probes confirm ruins believed to be tens of thousands of years old.

Starfleet Command has confirmed the Luna-class explorer USS ‘Oumuamua’s new mission details. Scans of Alpha Brenkelvi II’s surface have revealed extensive evidence of ancient habitation. In response, Commodore Ossa V’Airu, the ‘Oumuamua’s Commanding Officer, has deployed two away teams to conduct surface explorations, with the ship providing orbital support.

The first team, led by the recently promoted Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander Katsim Peri, is examining the remnants of an ancient city in the planet’s northern hemisphere. Simultaneously, the second team, under the command of Executive Officer Commander Etan Iljor, investigates a puzzling energy field located about sixty miles north of the city. This field presents a challenge to scanners.

“It’s a doozy,” remarked Crewman 2nd Class Caitlan Hartjen, an engineer on the ‘Oumuamua. “Especially after what we experienced during the Esh-O mission and Chief Kessler’s incident.”

The mission follows the presumed death of Lieutenant Jack Kessler, the Chief Tactical Officer. When asked, Starfleet spokesperson Lieutenant Leelaro Tum declined to speculate on rumors that Kessler’s death occurred during an unsanctioned mission.

“We do not comment on conjecture. The specifics of Lieutenant Kessler’s passing will not be disclosed,” Tum stated. However, sources close to the USS ‘Oumuamua suggest that Kessler’s demise was linked to an unauthorized foray into Zet space, undertaken in a bid to locate his missing parents.

Written by Chalan Fuliar

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