USS Oumuamua explores attractions of Gamma Quadrant resorts

USS Oumuamua explores attractions of Gamma Quadrant resorts

GAMMA QUADRANT — While being the face of the Federation in the Gamma Quadrant may be a challenging duty, there still are some perks the crew of the USS Oumuamua get to experience: new resort worlds.

Having recently completed the search for the still missing USS Cabato, the crew of Oumuamua have been given an extended period of leave. Orbiting the planet Seytoxal the crew has dispersed across both the ship and star system to take in the sights and find some much-deserved relaxation. Becoming known as the Risa of the Gamma Quadrant, the planet is home to a number of attractions fit for all.

“I didn’t expect to come across a mystery on Seytoxal.” Lt. Katsim Peri, the ship’s Chief Science Officer, stated when asked about her downtime. “But life is full of mysteries. Perhaps the Prophets will guide us to an answer.”

Not every member of the crew seemed to take advantage of the resort life, however. As is becoming increasingly common within Starfleet, the Oumuamua’s engineering staff chose to relax by taking on a new project.

“Chief Corelli put some of us on a special project – probably can’t share the details, so I shan’t.” Lt. Sasha Johnson, the ship engineer, commented, “And it confirmed something I already knew. Programmers are lazy!”

Despite the time dedicated to relaxation, some members of the ship had a less fortunate experience. An Oumuamua shuttlecraft was initially reported missing in action after it failed to return at a designated time. Carrying a complement of officers that included the Oumuamua’s commanding officer, Cmdre. Ossa V’Airu, the shuttle was discovered crashed on a nearby planet. There were no injuries reported from the crash and all crew members were successfully recovered by search parties.

Krystal Kessler, a civilian aboard the Oumuamua commented on the experience. “Exciting? Sure, it was exciting. If you call crashing on a planet, getting attacked by wild monkey people, soaked in the rain with a shrinking nurse who can’t talk straight and then getting chased by a huge boulder exciting.”

Many details of this experience have yet to be confirmed.

Written by Wes Greaves

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