USS ‘Oumuamua crew undergoes major changes after Esh-O system mission

USS ‘Oumuamua crew undergoes major changes after Esh-O system mission

GAMMA QUADRANT — New crew assignments signal a fresh chapter for the Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force.

Starfleet Personnel announced today the reassignment of Chief Medical Doctor V’Len Kel and Chief Engineer Lieutenant Kammus Corelli to the newly reactivated USS Ronin. This move concludes their extended duty in the Gamma Quadrant aboard the ‘Oumuamua. First Officer Commander Etan Iljor commented on the reassignments, stating, “Doctor Kel and Lieutenant Corelli were invaluable members of our ship’s family. Their absence will be deeply felt, but we are thrilled that the Ronin, under the command of its new CO, Commander Niac, will benefit from such exceptional officers. The entire ‘Oumuamua crew wishes them a smooth journey and clear horizons.”

While the positions of CMO and CEO remain vacant, the ‘Oumuamua has welcomed new crew members. 2nd Lieutenant Arturo Maxwell, returning from medical leave, and Lieutenant Aine Sherlock, transferred from StarBase 118, have joined the ship. Additionally, Starfleet Medical has appointed Lieutenant Commander Alexander Brodie to lead the vessel’s Mental Health Services department.

These personnel changes follow mysterious events in the vital Esh-O system, situated in neutral territory about seventy light-years from the Gamma Quadrant end of the Bajoran wormhole. The unexplained ‘nebula phenomenon’ affecting local species has been identified as a byproduct of a Federation ship from an alternate reality. However, Starfleet Intelligence remains tight-lipped on how a starship could produce such a vast spatial anomaly. During a press conference, SFI spokesperson Lieutenant Itollia Zh’riathrak mentioned that the investigation remains “ongoing.” Drawing definitive conclusions will prove challenging since the ship responsible returned to its original reality. When questioned for further details, Commander Etan of the ‘Oumuamua tersely advised the reporter to “bugger off,” stating he was not at liberty to discuss the matter.

Written by Etan Iljor

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