Trade Summit on Deep Space Thirty Three Disrupted; Diplomats Face Unknown Threat

Trade Summit on Deep Space Thirty Three Disrupted; Diplomats Face Unknown Threat

DEEP SPACE 33, ALPHA ISLES – Deep Space Thirty Three’s trade summit was disrupted by unknown threats, leading to Starfleet officers’ disappearance. The USS Arrow’s officers joined efforts to restore order.

The situation aboard Deep Space Thirty Three remained tense as station crew, supplemented by senior officers of the USS Arrow, tried to extricate themselves and the summit representatives from an unknown threat that massively disrupted station operations and led to the disappearance of numerous Starfleet officers. With internal systems offline and an unknown force prowling the corridors, officers and representatives who expected to be in complex trade discussions were instead forced to sneak, slither, and in some cases, squish their opposition.

Speaking to the FNS while awaiting transport off station, Sheliak representative Senior Associate Regional Vice Director Of Exploitation Goo’py had some harsh words for their Federation hosts. “The Sheliak Corporate Authority remains appalled, but not surprised, at the state of Federation security,” he stated.

Unaware of the issues aboard Deep Space Thirty Three, First Officer Karrod Niac and the remainder of the Arrow’s crew were similarly embroiled in trouble as they headed to Naz itself to verify the state of the colony. After discovering strange geological anomalies while in orbit, Niac and a cadre of officers beamed to Naz to get a firsthand account of the situation on the ground, only to quickly find themselves trapped in subterranean tunnels.

“Mining operations on the fringes are a precarious endeavor on the best of days,” LtCmdr. Quenten Collins, ships Chief Science Officer, spoke with us while recovering on the Arrow. “But when you add shoddy equipment, dangerous tectonic conditions, and a native species population in open revolt? Well, let’s just say not a lot of work gets done.”

After discovering the illegal exploitation of sentient beings in the form of Horta mining labor on Naz, the Arrow began a dash back to Deep Space Thirty Three, which remains out of contact and under threat. Unconfirmed reports suggest that an explosive device may have been smuggled aboard the station, and a team of Arrow and station personnel are attempting to disarm it at this time.

Written by Karrod Niac

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