The Crew of Denali Station Attempts to Retrieve an Orb of the Prophets

The Crew of Denali Station Attempts to Retrieve an Orb of the Prophets

DENALI STATION — The crew undertakes a mission to retrieve an Orb of the Prophets from a planet experiencing sudden time jumps.

As shore leave came to an end, Fleet Captain Oddas decided to host a party in her quarters for Denali’s command staff. The crew enjoyed delicious food and drinks while having the opportunity to explore the Captain’s quarters. Afterwards, Captain Oddas awarded ribbons to the crew, recognizing their efforts in preventing catastrophic damage to the station and Ring 42 during the recent asteroid attack.

Several promotions were also announced. Ensigns Freck and Forsyth were promoted to Lieutenant JG, while Kettick was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant. Captain Fairhug, Denali’s Marine detachment commander, was appointed as the new Head of Security, reinstated as Lieutenant Commander. To conclude the ceremony, Lieutenant Commander Falt presented the Silver Star to Lieutenant Commander Kendrick and Lieutenant JG Freck for their valor during the recent asteroid attack.

The day following the awards ceremony, the crew boarded the USS Eagle, Denali Station’s auxiliary craft, and set course for the Oslau system, where their next mission awaited. Commander Ebiss Ton, Denali’s Intelligence Head, provided a briefing during the journey. Commander Ton had previously visited the system while exploring during shore leave and had discovered a planet, Oslau III, which appeared devoid of life except for a single city. Initial scans revealed that the city was experiencing severe and sudden time fluctuations. However, further analysis was impeded by intense energy waves and subspace distortions, forcing the retreat of the shuttle to avoid destruction.

Upon returning to the station, Cmdr. Ton, assisted by Ensign Elonat, conducted further research using scientific and intelligence sources. They were able to determine that the time shifts and anomalies on Oslau III are likely caused by a lost Bajoran religious artifact, the Orb of Renewal. The mission aims to retrieve the Orb from the planet’s surface, a challenging task due to the time jumps, hostile conditions, and potential competition from others seeking the Orb. In a departure from convention, Captain Oddas will lead the away team, with the support of Lieutenant Commander Fairhug, who has been given strict orders by the XO to ensure the Captain’s safety.

We will provide updates on this perilous mission as they become available.

Written by Tomas Falt

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