Terra Prime’s Reign of Terror Comes to an End, Ops Crew Recovers Over Shore Leave

Terra Prime’s Reign of Terror Comes to an End, Ops Crew Recovers Over Shore Leave

STARBASE 118 OPS — Miranda VII is finally freed from the grip of the terrorist group Terra Prime, putting an end to months of their reign of terror.

Over a year and a half ago, Malefic, the former leader of Terra Prime, seized control of the space station and embarked on a campaign to purge anyone who was not considered “pure” human. Consequently, many residents lost their homes, businesses, and even their lives, transforming the entire space station into a human-centric enclave. Other residents reported that their friends and family had mysteriously vanished before managing to escape.

“I was running an honest business, I swear,” remarked Seririck Beezefoff, a Ferengi who was the proprietor of the popular bar “DaiMon In The Rough” on the station. “But they destroyed everything, and I had to start from scratch! I barely made it out alive!”

However, the Ops crew had meticulously prepared for a final showdown, and when Terra Prime made their move, they were ready. A substantial force mobilized under the leadership of Cmdre. Sal Taybrim, who was still recovering from major surgery performed just weeks before.

“Terra Prime directly threatened the civilians of the Trinity Sector,” explained Taybrim when asked why he chose to respond despite his ongoing recovery. “We had to mobilize immediately. Swift and decisive action allowed us to prevent harm to any colony worlds with minimal casualties.”

As Taybrim commanded from the captain’s chair, the USS Narendra took charge of offensive and defensive operations. Meanwhile, LtCmdr. Alora DeVeau assumed command of the USS Rahuba to spearhead the evacuation efforts and rescue the remaining residents stranded on Miranda VII. Initially, a team of three was transported over to initiate the evacuations, but as often happens, circumstances took an unexpected turn.

“The situation escalated rapidly,” recounted Lt. Aine Sherlock when asked about the events. “What started as a mission to evacuate civilians turned into a manhunt for the individual responsible for releasing a neurotoxin that affected our non-Terran crew members. It was intense, but we apprehended her.”

Sources indicate that an evacuee inadvertently brought the neurotoxin aboard the Rahuba, resulting in multiple crew members, including Lt. JG Egil Renot and DeVeau, being affected. The reason behind Commander Taybrim’s reaction to the neurotoxin has yet to be determined. Reports also mention several injuries resulting from the toxin’s effects.

Simultaneously, Terra Prime launched a dozen ships, targeting the Narendra, the Rahuba, and a small medical vessel, the ISS Koh’la’shamuu. The group broke formation, and four ships headed directly for the Rahuba. Reflecting on the battle, Lt. Prudence Blackwell shared, “It was an extremely perilous situation. Being outnumbered is never an ideal starting point for a battle. However, despite some complications on our end, I’m proud to say that we persevered and turned the odds in our favor.”

With the defeat of Naystrim and the surrender of those who were once under her influence, Terra Prime has been thoroughly and conclusively vanquished. The crew of Starbase 118 Ops stands as the unwavering guardians of the sector, ready to protect and defend against any threats that may arise.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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