Starfleet wraps up wargames with Hirogen, raising Federation hopes for continued cooperation and peace

Starfleet wraps up wargames with Hirogen, raising Federation hopes for continued cooperation and peace

NURIOOPTA SOLAR NEBULA – Starfleet vessels and Hirogen tribes recently completed a joint exercise, demonstrating the potential for an alliance in the Delta Quadrant.

The exercise took place in a pulsar wind nebula located several days’ travel from Amity Outpost. Teams were divided evenly, with three Starfleet vessels and five Hirogen tribe vessels on each team.

At the start of the exercise, the teams were placed only one hundred kilometers apart, leading to a frenzied start of attacks and counterattacks between both teams. The blue team, consisting of the Intrepid-refit class USS Jemison, Inquiry class USS Halsey, and Miranda-refit class USS Bronwyn vessels, concentrated their attack almost solely on the red team’s Galaxy class USS Kitty Hawk.

The tactic seemed to have worked, as the Kitty Hawk was “disabled” in the war game simulation within the opening minutes of the exercise.

Jemison’s acting captain, Commander Wil Ukinix, called the exercise a “buzz” and noted that it gave their crews realistic combat experience in a trying environment. He added, “It also allowed us to work with the Hirogen, so that they and the Federation can better understand each other. That’s important for our ongoing diplomatic mission in this quadrant of the galaxy.”

When asked about his blue team’s victory against the red team, led by his former captain and mentor Roshanara Rahman, Ukinix coyly added, “That was fun, too.”

The Hirogen, known best for their hunting prowess, were ever present during the war games. Alphas and Betas from several tribes cooperated with Starfleet crews to varying degrees, showing that ongoing peace and stability in the Barossa Nebula may be possible for the Federation.

“Ambassador Vataix has worked hard with the tribes, and has extended a hand of friendship to each,” said The Federation Diplomatic Corp’s First Secretary Keehani Ukinix in a written statement. “While each tribe may have their own priorities, overall we have seen a willingness to continue dialog amongst the Federation and the Hirogen. The Federation Diplomatic Corp will continue to our outreach in the Delta Quadrant, to not only the Hirogen, but all of its warp-capable civilisations.”

While a once unlikely peaceful coexistence may now seem possible between the Hirogen and the Federation, there still may be cultural differences to overcome. This was demonstrated when no Hirogen were available for comment for this article, and they seemed perplexed when questions were put to them, underscoring a lack of formal media reporting present in their society.

Written by Kit Ivanovic

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