Starfleet launches the USS Artemis-A to deal with a world-ending disaster

Starfleet launches the USS Artemis-A to deal with a world-ending disaster

THE BORDERLANDS — The USS Artemis-A launches just as a meteor hits the Da’al planet.

With Cmdre. Kalianna Nicholotti taking the USS Excalibur-A (NCC-41903-A) off on classified adventures, it appeared that Starfleet Command reassigned much of her former crew to the newly launched USS Artemis-A (NCC-81287). Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, formerly the Excalibur’s First Officer, took the captain’s seat, and MacKenzie assigned Cmdr. Genkos Adea as First Officer.

“Going from teal to red is the least of my problems,” said a harried Adea as we approached him on Deep Space 224. “Don’t you know a meteor hit the Da’al planet? That’s where my problems are!”

The Da’al planet is not part of the Federation, and remained staunchly neutral in recent events, even after an attempted coup by their former Prime Minister, Ypartin. Ypartin colluded with the Klingons during the takeover but disappeared in the aftermath of the crew of the USS Resolution’s intervention.

However, now a meteor impacted a provincial capital in the southern hemisphere. The transitional government requested Starfleet’s assistance in investigating and rendering aid, and the Artemis, as the crew with the most experience in working with the Da’al, was assigned to help. Both MacKenzie and Adea served aboard the Resolution in that mission (before its untimely destruction) along with several other members of the Artemis’ senior staff.

Written by Genkos Adea

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