Shakeup in USS Arrow Command team complicates shore leave

Shakeup in USS Arrow Command team complicates shore leave

RAFT ONE, NEAR ALPHA ISLES – A much-needed rest after a difficult mission gave way to a surprising change in the command crew of the USS Arrow.

With the crew taking their leave on the Federation-aligned refit station, Raft-One, the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) wished farewell to their departing Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Maz Rodan, and welcomed his replacement, Commander Karrod Niac, formerly of the USS Excalibur-A (NCC-41903-A). Niac came bearing an intelligence packet and orders from Starfleet Command which herald major changes in the days ahead for the ship, the crew and possibly the entire region.

Tight-lipped about their orders, Niac would only go on record to say that “Starfleet is carefully monitoring the conditions in the Alpha Isles,” and when pressed for details, said only “I fully expect the Arrow to be at the forefront of any new initiatives.” He declined to provide further details and Starfleet Command blocked our request for more information, citing “ongoing operational security.”

While the crew tried to enjoy their leave the subject of their new First Officer was on many minds.

When asked what they thought about the change, Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus had this to say, “Commander Rodan is a capable man with a good reputation amongst the crew. He will be missed. I’ve only briefly met Commander Niac personally. I read him as affable, but no-nonsense. His service record reflects well on him, and I wish him the blessings of the Fates as the Arrow continues on its mission.”

The Arrow is scheduled to depart Raft-One in the coming days to resume its operations in and around the Alpha Isles. More on this story as it develops.

Written by Karrod Niac

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