Roshanara Rahman promoted to Rear Admiral

Roshanara Rahman promoted to Rear Admiral

The Executive Council is thrilled to announce the promotion of Commodore Roshanara Rahman to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Rahman – who most know just as “Rich” – joined us in May, 2010 and then first took command on April 5, 2016 (First Contact Day!) on the Invicta. He was promoted to Captain on August 6, 2016 and soon after moved with his crew to the USS Veritas, followed by Amity Outpost, his current command. He was later promoted to Fleet Captain in 2019 and Commodore in 2021. 

Rich is highly decorated as a captain, having earned the following awards in our Staff category:

  • Honor of the Admiralty, 2397
  • Staff Member of the Year Award, 2394
  • James T. Kirk Cross, 2394
  • Christopher Pike Pendant, 2395

He was also a recipient of our highest honor, the Great Bird Award, in 2399. 

Beyond his own command, Rich is a member of the Executive Council and also the EC Magistrate. He is the Facilitator of the Veterans Affairs Committee, and our most knowledgeable Wiki Admin. 

Rich is known as a creative thought leader in the organization. He has pushed for creative solutions to administrative problems, improved processes in a way that benefit our membership, and improved almost every aspect of leadership, command, and our public assets like the wiki and forums.

The step up to Rear Admiral is a momentous one and marks Rich as one of our most loyal, longstanding, skilled, diplomatic, creative, and tireless leaders. Rich is only the 11th member in our history to attain this rank, and the first member in six years. We are incredibly grateful to him for sharing his knowledge, time, and effort to improve our community. 

You can learn more about Rich in these interviews:

Please join us in celebration by adding your congratulations and thanks – or any great memories you have working with Rich! – to our celebration forum thread.

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