Praetor Taron Survives, Romulan Embassy Destroyed

Praetor Taron Survives, Romulan Embassy Destroyed

STARBASE 118 OPS — Officers at Ops killed one culprit and apprehended a second after an attempt on Praetor Taron’s life, but not before the Romulan Embassy was destroyed.

After a would-be assassin seriously wounded Praetor Taron, Starbase 118 Ops entered a period of lockdown to find the culprit. Security teams scoured the entire base while Romulan visitors were escorted to secure locations.

Unfortunately, members of the Romulan Free State and Romulan Republic blamed each other for the attempt. “I am not certain who is at fault here, but I can assure you it was not the Republic,” insisted Ambassador R’Vala. “We came here in good faith. I have my suspicions, and if I am correct, it was neither the Republic nor the Free State who is to blame.”

Unknown to the officers, there were two assassins, and they did not stop at trying to kill the Praetor. Bombs were located in areas of the Starbase, evidence of a well-thought-out and executed plan. Lt. JG Egil Renot disabled them. “I am thankful we had a solid team dismantling and handling these bombs,” Renot commented. “I couldn’t have done it without them. It was scary, no lie, but we did it!”

Despite the officers’ attempts to find and disarm the bombs, one exploded at the Romulan assembly, collapsing and destroying the building. Although the delegates from the Free State and Republic were not in the building, it was occupied and resulted in hundreds of casualties. Even though the station was under lockdown, residents of all species near the area came out to assist in helping rescue survivors.

“A tragedy,” commented Ens. Obsius Sill-con, a security officer, when asked about what happened. “Whoever orchestrated it had the desire to breed travesty in the hearts of the Romulan people. Yet, in their abominable endeavor, they achieved the opposite effect. Today, the people see hope in a horizon of unity, all due to them standing defiant against this act, defiant to the whims of those who are willing to waste the lives of the innocent to further their agenda… one thing is for certain, the Romulans shall not let them control their fate as a people.”

Events came to a head when one assassin attacked LtCmdr. Alora DeVeau, First Officer of Ops, and another resident. Witnesses say the man, likely a civilian, faced off as a “rift” opened, and he pulled the assassin into it, only to disappear, and both are presumed dead. A second assassin acted as a sniper and was neutralised by Lt. Sera, an engineer who assisted in locating the culprit.

“It is not often that one is conflicted in the application of Surak’s wisdom,” the lieutenant commented. “In this case, by locating and dispatching the sniper, countless lives were saved. However, to see to the needs of the many, the life of one was purposefully ended. It was regrettable that his life was extinguished. However, after careful consideration, I determined it was only logical to engage with the terrorist in the manner he had shown himself fluent.”

Written by Alora DeVeau

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