November 2023 Post Counts

November 2023 Post Counts

During the month of November, the authors of the Fleet went on twists and turns, going on adventures that boggled the imagination – writing 1712 posts, averaging 171 posts per ship.

During November, Denali led the month with 226 posts, with Ops coming right behind them with 219 posts.

Shortly following was the Amity with 188, the Oumuamua with 177 and the Arrow whose crew posted 167 – amazing stories all.

After the Arrow, the Gorkon came in with an amazing 161 posts – full of adventure and fun, just ahead of the Artemis’s 155 and the Ronin’s 143 – a relative newcomer making a name for themselves as a place to be. The Constitution’s crew posted 140 sims – with some familiar faces, sort of, maybe.

Finally, the Astraeus posted 136 posts, fleshing out their little corner of the universe.

Throughout October, the Appreciations forum buzzed with enthusiasm as members nominated exceptional sims, shared memorable quotes, and celebrated the moments that graced our stories. This platform allowed us to come together and pay homage to the talent, commitment, and unity that define our distinguished Fleet.

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