July 2023 Post Counts

July 2023 Post Counts

In the thrilling month of July, the Fleet continued to blaze a trail of excitement and imagination. Our dedicated crews embarked on daring missions, crafting captivating narratives that transported readers to distant realms and kept us all on the edge of our seats.

Throughout the month, the Fleet wrote a total of 1,557 posts, showcasing our collective passion for storytelling and collaborative adventure. With an average of 173 posts per installation, our community continued to thrive and inspire one another.

Leading the charge was Artemis, standing tall with an impressive 244 posts, followed closely by Gorkon, whose gripping tales garnered 192 posts. Ops and Oumuamua weren’t far behind, with 190 and 189 posts respectively, adding their unique flavors to the month’s narratives.

Denali and Amity continued to shine with 161 and 165 posts, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to creating enthralling stories. Arrow, with 148 posts, soared through the cosmos, while Constitution and Astraeus enriched the Fleet’s tapestry with 128 and 140 posts respectively.

As always, the Appreciations forum buzzed with enthusiasm as members celebrated the most memorable sims, shared impactful quotes, and celebrated the extraordinary moments that unfolded in July. This spirit of camaraderie and support continues to define our vibrant and united community.

Looking ahead, the Fleet is poised for even greater adventures. With new missions and unexplored territories waiting to be discovered, there’s no limit to the heights we can reach together.

So, let us venture forth with boundless creativity and determination, united by our love for exploration and storytelling. Together, we will continue to craft tales that inspire, entertain, and leave a lasting impression on the vast canvas of our Fleet’s history.

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