Intrigue in the Borderlands: USS Artemis-A encounters vessel from an alternate reality

Intrigue in the Borderlands: USS Artemis-A encounters vessel from an alternate reality

THE BORDERLANDS – The USS Artemis-A crew is currently dealing with the aftermath of an incursion from an alternate universe.

During a routine science mission, the USS Artemis-A deviated from its planned course to investigate a spatial anomaly. This detour led to the discovery of two unidentified ships engaged in combat. Responding to a distress call from one of these ships, later identified as the CIC Desdemona, the Artemis-A attempted to communicate with the opposing ship, a Shint Cruiser, but to no avail. The confrontation resulted in the destruction of the Shint Cruiser.

The encounter took an even more dramatic turn when it was revealed that the Desdemona, captained by Colonel Addison MacKenzie, along with alternate versions of the Artemis-A’s Senior Staff, had traveled through a reality breach while attempting to acquire experimental Shint technology. The Artemis-A crew now faces the unprecedented task of aiding their counterparts from a more tumultuous universe, repairing the Desdemona, and finding a way to return them to their own reality.

Captain MacKenzie has welcomed the senior staff of the Desdemona to use the Artemis-A’s medical and recreational facilities. This hospitality has led to a culture shock for the Desdemona crew, as they acclimate to the comforts of a Starfleet vessel. Lieutenant Junior Grade Hiro Jones reflected on the experience: “It’s been interesting, albeit somewhat unsettling to meet alternate versions of ourselves. For me, it’s been a reminder of how important every decision and event really is. They change the entire trajectory of our lives, which in turn change who we become, which leads to choices which would otherwise never be presented. While these visitors may look like us, it’s important to know they are very different people.”

The relationship between the crews of the Artemis-A and Desdemona has been mostly harmonious, though tensions have arisen due to the Artemis-A’s adherence to the Prime Directive, particularly their refusal to share advanced weaponry and shielding technology that could potentially alter the balance of power in the Desdemona crew’s war against the Shints.

As the situation unfolds, the Artemis-A crew continues to carefully manoeuvre through the complexities of this cross-reality encounter.

Written by Addison MacKenzie

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