Denali Station crew enters shore leave after a terrorist attack

Denali Station crew enters shore leave after a terrorist attack

DENALI STATION — An unprecedented asteroid attack against Ring 42 was only thwarted through the combined efforts of the Starfleet crew at the Station and aboard the USS Eagle.

After successfully diverting the last asteroids from heading towards Ring 42, the USS Eagle, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Tomas Falt, encountered a final obstacle in the form of the pirate ship Reaver, which was on a collision course with the Eagle.

Ensign Freck skillfully manoeuvred the Eagle’s shuttles to block the Reaver’s path, using their tractor beams to nudge the pirate ship off course. Unfortunately, the Reaver collided with some of the remaining asteroid fragments, resulting in its explosive demise. Despite the Eagle’s attempts to beam over the Reaver’s crew, all lives were lost.

The aftermath of the attack on Denali Station coincided with the start of the crew’s shore leave, leaving little time for rest and relaxation as they grappled with the consequences of the devastating event.

The crew shifted their focus towards assessing the damage inflicted on the Station’s infrastructure and attempting to neutralise the radiation from the exploding asteroid fragments. Fleet Captain Oddas Aria summoned the senior staff for a meeting to discuss ways to improve the City’s defence systems in case of a future attack on the Station.

In response to the crisis at Denali Station, Starfleet promptly dispatched three starships – the Braveheart, Grace Hopper, and Juneau – to offer assistance. The arrival of these starships, along with their experienced crews and specialised equipment, provided much-needed support to the crew of Denali Station during this challenging time.

As the repairs of Denali Station progressed, some of the crew were granted a well-deserved break and embarked on a few weeks of vacation.

Lieutenant Commander Dekas, joined by Lieutenant JG Yael and Freck, travelled to Aurelia, Dekas’ home world, for a family reunion. Fleet Captain Oddas embarked on a diplomatic mission to Lightside Station to meet with the Kalinda administration to discuss the allocation of resources in the sector. The Kalinda officials expressed their concerns over the resources that were being allocated towards Denali Station, fearing it might hurt the viability of the Spike in the future.

With shore leave well underway, updates on the various adventures of the crew will be brought to you.

Written by John Kendrick

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