Dangerous dust descends during Da’al Disaster, derailing diplomatic do-gooders

Dangerous dust descends during Da’al Disaster, derailing diplomatic do-gooders

MERANUGE IV – After a catastrophic meteor impact, the crew of the USS Artemis (NCC-81287) became trapped on the Da’al homeworld as outbreaks of mass violence broke out.

The Da’al, a typically peaceful and warp-capable species in the Borderlands, requested Starfleet’s assistance after a meteor struck a major city on their homeworld. However, the crew of the Artemis observed behavioural abnormalities among the Da’al bureaucrats and relief workers that complicated their attempts to deliver aid.

“They weren’t nearly as combative the last time. That was our first clue that something was up,” said Strategic Operations Officer LtCmdr. Yogan Yalu.

While Yalu’s team established a security perimeter around the crater, commanding officer Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie’s team negotiated with local diplomats, and first officer Cmdr. Genkos Adea’s team helped convert the city’s palace of culture into a disaster relief centre.

Unfortunately, the Da’al’s aberrant behaviour soon escalated into mindless, seemingly contagious rage, with violence erupting throughout the city. An armed mob took over the provincial government complex, and hoards of Da’al roamed the streets, smashing everything in sight.

Early analysis suggested that the Da’al ability to mentally manipulate energy fields played a part in the rapid spread of the violence, but its cause remained elusive. Both Adea and intelligence chief Lt. Talos Dakora succumbed to the contagion. Science officer Ens. Jovenan evacuated Adea back to Artemis, but the compromised Betazoid stabbed tactical officer Lt. Vitor Silveira before security could subdue him. Back on the planet, MacKenzie administered mood-stabilisers to Dakora, providing a temporary respite from the mental onslaught.

Upon more careful analysis, Jovenan and medical officer Ens. Hiro Jones discovered an unrecognised compound present in the atmosphere. This compound, perhaps contained within the meteor or unearthed from beneath the impact site, oscillated in a wavelike pattern, perturbing the telepathic centre of the Da’al brain and amplifying the perturbation when large numbers of Da’al congregated in one place.

“Not to get philosophical,” said Jones. “But I’ve been thinking about it, and the Da’allium – the compound that triggered the aggression in the first place – couldn’t exist without the Da’al’s telekinetic ability. It’s kind of like how prejudice fuels hate and creates a toxic feedback loop. Once we broke the cycle, the aggression stopped. Think about that!”

The situation has been brought under control by the Artemis crew, and they have reported their findings to Starfleet Command.

Written by Yogan Yalu

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