Crew of USS Astraeus returns to Lanaxa to Assist with a mystery illness

Crew of USS Astraeus returns to Lanaxa to Assist with a mystery illness

LANAXA – As a result of observations during their previous mission to Lanaxa, the crew of the USS Astraeus has returned to assist with a mysterious ailment affecting primarily the lower class.

Following a brief layover at Shemsh to receive new crew and supplies, the USS Astraeus, NCC-70652, departed once more for the Caraadian world of Lanaxa, where the crew had just a few days prior prevented a catastrophe by diverting a rogue neutron star. During that incident, it had been noted that an outbreak of some kind had begun among the lower classes and the crew was interested in providing medical assistance to the stricken world.

En route, the crew held discussions about how to best assist the Lanaxans, especially in light of a dichotomous population where a small group of nobles, called the Uasail, held all the advantages and priorities and the rest, known as the Seirbhiseach, were essentially considered indentured servants.

Naturally, the crew was highly disturbed by this, but in light of the non-interference directive, opted to not directly challenge the status quo. However, Capt. Mei’konda Delano did make it clear that he felt if any progress was going to be made, they were going to need to convince the Uasail to understand the importance of treating the most affected patients first. It was hoped that by doing this, the Uasail might begin to see their fellow Lanaxans in a different light.

Upon arrival, two teams beamed to the surface assisting the Lanaxans. The first, led by LtCmdr. Elizabeth Snow, Astraeus’ Chief Medical Officer, began providing treatment to the affected population. The second team, led by the newly promoted LtCmdr. Noa Levinson, was assigned to search for the cause of the affliction and to determine why it had focused primarily on the Seirbhiseach and so few Uasail were infected.

Reports indicated that there were some tensions early on as Levinson’s team attempted to gain entry to a food storage location and were blocked because they had brought a Seirbhiseach assistant with them. In what some consider a brave and somewhat surprising move, one of the Bynars with the team (we have yet to confirm if it was 101 or 000), stepped forward in defence of the girl.

Meanwhile, representatives from both the Seirbhiseach and the Uasail came aboard the starship to meet with Delano and some of his senior officers to conference on the situation and what challenges they were facing. Leading the delegation for the Uasail is the new Councilor Mabian Uzoncourt who had proved valuable in dealing with the situation regarding the neutron star, while Councilor Neletti Bolro came aboard to represent the Seirbhiseach.

“I very much hope to ensure that my Seirbhiseach brethren leave today feeling heard and satisfied,” said Councilor Uzoncourt at the start of the conference.

Doubt, however, apparently remained regarding the Councilor’s veracity on that assertion and we shall be watching these talks with great interest.

Written by Serala

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