Crew of USS Aldrin Rescued; USS Astraeus Agrees to Foster Space Baby

Crew of USS Aldrin Rescued; USS Astraeus Agrees to Foster Space Baby

JENATRIS CLOUD – After successfully negotiating with the Warden of Chon Station Ceti, the crew of the USS agreed to foster an infant creature that thrives solely in the Jenatris Cloud.

The USS Astraeus, NCC-70652, appears to have successfully completed its rescue mission in the Jenatris Cloud owing to successful negotiations with the Warden, the Chon station’s malfunctioning artificial intelligence. While Capt. Mei’konda Delano separated the ship in order to provide a distraction for one of the Warden’s drones which was attempting to prevent the crew from rescuing the personnel on the station, planning to send the saucer in to effect the extraction, Commander Serala conducted a negotiation with the Warden. The Warden had managed to achieve an uplink via nanites that had been inhaled by LtCmdr Esa Kiax, who became the voice of the Warden.

“We’ve agreed to adopt a space baby, and care for it until it’s ready to survive on its own. We’ll need modifications to our shields and power systems to accommodate its needs.” When she was asked later what she meant, Serala reported that there was an infant creature about the size of a Terran dolphin that thrived in the gasses of the Jenatris Cloud. However, according to the Warden, it was the last known member of its species. The Warden had been tasked by the Chon more than 10,000 years prior to care for the infant, and the care of the infant was its top directive. With the station’s power failing, it was no longer in a position to care for the infant. Commander Serala managed to convince the Warden to let the crew care for the child until they were able to repair the station’s systems.

Back on the ship, Delano set his plan into motion to separate the ship, taking command of the stardrive section while the saucer section was placed under command of LtCmdr. Chochmingwu Cheveyo-Arma. Delano engaged in combat with the drone while Cheveyo-Arma took the saucer section to the station to extract the Starfleet personnel on board. During the negotiations, Serala’s team was informed by the Warden that the drone was no longer under its control and it requested their assistance with disabling the drone.

With the information relayed to Delano, his crew prepared to fire a modified polaron pulse at the drone, which they had determined would be the most effective weapon against it considering its resistance to standard weaponry. The Captain had Lt Valin Dermont, normally an engineer, but who was at the helm of the battle bridge, execute maneuvers to lead the drone away from the saucer so Cheveyo-Arma would be clear to execute their portion of the plan. Then, when the timing was right, they fired their modified weapon, disabling the drone. Evacuations were able to be effected after that, and true to its word, the Warden released the space infant to the care of the Astraeus.

The crew is now en route to the location of the Aldrin where they will take it in tow back to the Lighthouse.

Written by Serala

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