Bajoran Orb of Renewal Retrieved by Denali Crew Amid Temporal Anomalies

Bajoran Orb of Renewal Retrieved by Denali Crew Amid Temporal Anomalies

OSLAU SYSTEM — After a dangerous mission filled with temporal anomalies and hostile encounters, the crew of Denali station successfully retrieved the Bajoran Orb of Renewal from the Oslau system.

The crew of Denali station remained in the Oslau system on their mission to retrieve the recently rediscovered Bajoran Orb from the surface of Oslau III, a planet experiencing significant time shifts and anomalies as a result of the Orb’s presence.

With the majority of the crew split between the planet surface and the USS Eagle, Ensign Vahin and Gunnery Sergeant Hesan were held captive after their shuttle crashed into a hostile vessel that had been firing on the Eagle. After some quick thinking with a hypospray by Ensign Vahin, the two managed to escape their captors and make their way to the brig, where they were able to verify the Captain and her away team had never been aboard. The two officers were briefly trapped in the brig by members of the hostile ship’s crew. They were able to defeat the hostile crew with the help of Lieutenant Kettick’s rescue team, having just arrived from the Eagle. The group then made their way to the escape pods, where they confronted the ship’s Captain, Delmer, before making their escape.

Down on the planet, the away team remained split into two groups. Having found the Orb in the temple basement, Captain Oddas, Lieutenant Commander Fairhug, and Lieutenant Freck began searching for a suitable containment vessel to facilitate its transport, as well as providing shielding from the Orb’s temporal effects. With the help of Xern, they were able to locate an appropriate container, but Lieutenant Commander Fairhug had to physically place the orb inside. Moments after he did so, another time shift took place, and the group found themselves in the future, the village replaced with a dead, barren landscape Commander Ton had previously catalogued during his first visit to the system.

For his part, the Commander, along with Ensign Raimor, were on the far side of the village and had devised a cure for the illness that had been afflicting the villagers. They had just enough time to add it to the water supply before the time jump. On arrival, they discovered the rest of the away team threatened by creatures inhabiting the desolate planet. Joining up, they were able to escape the creature by heading into a network of tunnels, which led to an underground bunker. Once inside the group set to work building a makeshift transmitter to contact the Eagle, whilst Ensign Vahin tended to Fairhug, who had now developed symptoms following his direct physical exposure to the Orb.

As the creatures returned and began assaulting their position, the away team were successfully able to get a transmission to the Eagle. Having briefly discussed the situation with Captain Oddas, Lieutenant Commander Falt ordered the crew to perform an emergency landing procedure and put the Eagle down on top of the captain’s position. After a tense few seconds where it looked like Kettick’s team would be left behind after they had successfully defeated Delmer, Lieutenant Neshala expertly swooped the Eagle down to the planet’s surface, where Lieutenant Commander Dekas – aided by Lieutenants Forsyth and Kettick – was able to establish a transporter lock and beam the crew to safety.

Reunited, with the Orb of Renewal aboard, and no sign of the hostile ship after it had engaged a cloaking device, the crew headed for home where they are scheduled to begin a welcome shore leave.

Written by Tomas Falt

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