Attempted assassination leaves Praetor Taron’s life hanging in the balance, Ops put on lockdown

Attempted assassination leaves Praetor Taron’s life hanging in the balance, Ops put on lockdown

STARBASE 118 OPS — Praetor Taron remained in critical condition after an assassination attempt on his life. Starbase 118 Ops entered into a lockdown while officers searched for the culprit.

Romulan delegations from the Free State and the Republic started off on a positive note. Although no decisions or agreements were made, the very fact that both factions weren’t at each other’s throats after the first hour could be considered progress. Both Ambassador R’Val and Praetor Taron had much to say about the past, but both Lieutenant Trovek Arys and Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau tried to steer their conversion toward commonalities and unity.

“I believe sometimes we need to be reminded that the very nature of negotiation is the discussion of differences,” Trovek commented in regard to the negotiations. “That focus makes us forget that we have common interests, goals, and in the case of the Romulan factions, a very recent shared history. Being reminded of those is crucial – otherwise, negotiation is simply an argument.”

But events took a different turn when both delegations adjourned for the day. The protective fields that surrounded the area somehow failed, allowing a would-be assassin to get in three shots. One killed a Free State delegate, a second struck Ambassador R’Val in the shoulder, and a third hit Praetor Taron in the chest. Officers administered first aid and Trovek called for an emergency medical site-to-site transport, after which Lieutenant Aine Sherlock, Chief of Security, called for a lockdown.

“It’s about the worst scenario you could imagine happening on a space station. Though these talks are important, and of course, the safety of the delegates, we have over a quarter million lives to worry about.”

While those in the main delegation moved to another conference room, other members of the delegation visiting the station were escorted to a secure location in Trinity city.

“The safety of our guests on Starbase 118 is our top priority,” Ensign Haukea-Willow commented on the move. “Therefore, with the looming threat, the relocation to The Trinity City Country Club with our two Romulan guests was a natural move. Whether they thought so or not.”

Meanwhile, Commander Ishreth Dal and an associate, journalist Amelia Summerbrook, discovered a bomb in a maintenance junction on the station and contacted Commander Solaris McLaren and her team to help disarm the device.

“We have dealt with one device,” Commander Avalon assured. “However, I’m more concerned with the series of events that have led to this occurring, something I intend to personally deal with after the situation is resolved.”

Even Sickbay was not immune to the chaos as either the assassin or an accomplice threw a photon grenade in the trauma centre, but a quick-thinking officer activated an emergency force field between the surgery where Taron was being operated on and the room where the grenade landed.

“Alright, anybody who attacks a patient in surgery is one super messed-up person who needs, like, all the counselling and probably a tightly locked padded room,” orderly Valis commented when asked about what happened. “It was horrible. Good doctors got injured! People died! Just horrible!”

With a manhunt in play and a bomb on the station, all officers were on high alert, searching for the person behind the dastardly deeds. Theories run rampant as to who it was, with most convinced the entire thing has been orchestrated by the Tal Shiar. More on this story as it develops.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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