Amity Starfleet personnel receive promotions as Vataix plans carnival

Amity Starfleet personnel receive promotions as Vataix plans carnival

NURIOOPTA SOLAR NEBULA – Three Starfleet officers receive new pips as Amity Outpost prepares for a carnival in its artificial multi-biome park.

Even “routine” periods on Amity Outpost, the Federation Diplomatic Corps space station situated in the Delta Quadrant, are littered with some sort of excitement, celebration or occasion. Such must be the influence of Betazoid Noblewoman and Amity’s Chief of Mission, Ambassador Niarivi (Rivi) Vataix, Daughter of the Eleventh House of Betazed (House of Hearth).

It seems the promotion of three Starfleet officers on Amity has inspired the Ambassador to host a carnival in the space station’s multi-biome “Peace Park”. The park, a series botanical gardens zoned with multiple areas of different climates, will be host to an upcoming celebration in honour of the promotions. Those promoted were Lieutenant Commander Robin Hopper (Chief Science Officer), Lieutenant Richards (Engineering Officer), and Lieutenant Iko (Security Officer).

“It means a lot to me that Ambassador Vataix, the FDC, and Starfleet seem pleased with the work I’m doing here,” said an excited Commander Hopper of her change of rank. Lieutenant Richards was also happy with his promotion, stating that he felt “pretty good about it. It was a welcome surprise, that’s for sure.” Lieutenant Iko, who lived up to the “quiet achiever” reputation of her home continent of Australia on Earth, simply stated that she felt “quite appreciated by Amity to be offered such a promotion.”

When each officer was asked about where they think their Starfleet futures would lead them, none of the officers would be drawn in on what that might look like. “I’m currently working to just sit back, appreciate where I’m at, and let the future come to me when it’s ready,” said a bubbly Commander Hopper, while Richards was more circumspect: “We will just have to see what happens.” Even more so, and perhaps somewhat expectedly, Lieutenant Iko remained somewhat elusive, offering a non-committal statement.

Starfleet wasn’t the only organisation on Amity promoting their staff. The Federation Diplomatic Corps’ Ambassadorial Aide and First Secretary Keehani Ukinix, herself a Betazoid noble (Ninth House, House of Wealth) also received a promotion to Envoy and will now be the Federation Diplomatic Corps’ Chief of Staff on Amity. In comparison to the Starfleet officers, Envoy Ukinix was far more direct about her future career path. “I studied Exopolitics, majoring in Diplomacy, for a reason – to one day become an ambassador. This promotion moves me one step closer to that long term goal. I will achieve it.”

Details of the carnival to celebrate the promotions are yet to be released to the public, but it is sure to generate some excitement amongst Amity’s residents and visitors. With no shortage of previous events such as a science expo, staging a leg of the Antarain Class Rally series, and a fair on the space station’s opulent Mezzanine, it looks as though Amity’s residents are set to be entertained again.

Written by Kit Ivanovic

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