A Mix of Work and Play as USS Artemis Takes Shore Leave at Meranuge IV

A Mix of Work and Play as USS Artemis Takes Shore Leave at Meranuge IV

MERANUGE IV – After a harrowing mission on the planet, the USS Artemis (NCC-81287) and her crew are enjoying a well-deserved shore leave in orbit above the Da’al homeworld of Meranuge IV.

On the ship, the lower decks are abuzz with a quote-along screening of an especially bad ancient Earth horror film hosted by Ens. Hiro Jones. The experience both delighted and confused the audience, unintentionally horrifying some. After devouring all the popcorn and consuming the soda, Ens. Vedic Koleth provided a glowing testimonial, stating, “[The film is] still a landmark in Earth Cinema!”

Elsewhere on the ship, a pair of enterprising ensigns attempted to gain unauthorized access to the Captain’s skiff for a tour. However, their CO, Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, who received an automated notification of their attempt, suddenly appeared and cut short their excursion. After striking fear in the hearts of the ensign and lieutenant, she relented and gave them a tour of the recently refurbished skiff.

Meanwhile, work continued on the planet as an investigation led by Ens. Jovenan and Lt. Talos Dakora aimed to uncover the truth about the meteor strike on the Da’al province of Tecra. The inquiry took the form of an expedition to a remote canyon laced with sensor-blocking kelbonite, with science officer Jovenan and a team including Ens. Savel, Flint Kader, and Luxa Lorana.

Simultaneously, Intel Chief Dakora covertly infiltrated the Da’al Ministry of Science to shed light on the mystery. After a long hike through the rough terrain of La’kso Canyon, Jovenan’s team encountered a pair of suspicious strangers posing as park rangers.

Following a brief altercation that nearly resulted in Lorana being thrown off a cliff, it was discovered that the strangers were part of the separatist faction responsible for the attack on Tecra. Lorana, reflecting on the ordeal, said, “For a moment on that ledge, I thought that was it. It was all over for me before it had even begun. I can’t express how relieved I am that it didn’t happen. The important thing is that the Da’al terrorists were exposed, and now the planet can begin to rebuild.”

Ultimately, the twin operations led to the discovery of a secret facility illegally built by the Da’al Interim Security Minister, which housed a vessel believed to have been used to redirect the meteor. When asked for comment, a representative for the Da’al Government stated, “An investigation into this sensitive internal issue is ongoing.”

Written by Talos Dakora

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