USS Thor mediating in a thousand-year-old war

USS Thor mediating in a thousand-year-old war

SORACH SYSTEM, DELTA QUADRANT – The USS Thor (NCC-82607) found itself mediating discussions between ancient warring cultures transported forward in time after uncovering a giant cosmozoan capable of manipulating time.

According to preliminary estimates, the yet-unnamed species was imprisoned in an artificial field, which kept it in place. The artificial jail was established millennia ago, as per our information.

Sources aboard the Thor revealed that the two races that battled in the war supplied the technology used to capture the monster. To make matters worse, the creature’s chroniton anomalies pushed a vessel from each side of the conflict to the present day.

The Gamorians and Huxarians, as they were known in the Delta Quadrant, were at odds about 1000 years ago. The unofficial name ‘The Graveyard’ is bestowed to the Sorach System since crucial engagements of the war occurred there, leaving a plethora of floating hulks in the region.

The Federation’s presence in the Delta Quadrant is still relatively recent, hence the current state of both races is unclear.

The Thor, initially tasked with surveying the huge debris field in the Sorach System, took on the position of mediator between the opposing Captains as they sought to find a method to rescue the newly found species, an act that the Gamorians and Huxarians strongly oppose.

“Who knows how long this conflict has been going on,” Petty Chief Officer Krain said. “And, thanks to the time shift, they may now add another thousand years to the statistics. How are we going to solve that?”

Rumours abound about Thor-creature contact efforts, some of which established the creature’s consciousness. If this is accurate, Thor’s first contact activities may have long-term consequences for a new race.


Written by Wes Greaves

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