USS Chin’toka sets out to investigate a reported source of reskari

USS Chin’toka sets out to investigate a reported source of reskari

PTE-2891 — The crew of the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) begins an inquiry into a purported source of reskari in a plasma storm-prone system.

Following the completion of repairs at the new Shemsh Colony site, the Chin’toka received word that another Starfleet spacecraft, the USS Tycho Brahe, had located a planet with a significant deposit of the rare reskari metal. Unfortunately, the planet is in an area of space where there is a lot of plasma storm activity, making it difficult to investigate.

The Brahe discovered these metal deposits while undertaking a reconnaissance of the region of space, but the radiation caused by the plasma storm hampered him. The Chin’toka, with its higher protection, should be better equipped for the mission.

The ship left the Shemsh colony with a new Mission Specialist, LtCmdr. Kasil Kesex, and a new First Officer, Cmdr. Jaelyne Isa, who had transferred from her role with the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps following the loan of Cmdr. Serala. The spacecraft has finally arrived in-system after a month of travel, and preparations to deploy away teams to the planet’s surface have begun.

Reskari, or reskariiaehhrr to give it its proper name, is a rare metal unearthed in the Shoals by the crew of the USS Veritas, NCC-95035. Some of the field’s leading researchers have now boarded the Chin’toka, enhancing the ship’s suitability. LtCmdr. Lael Rosek-Skyfire, who is now on her honeymoon, and Doctor Timothy Alentonis, are among them.

While Starfleet has divulged no potential uses for the metal, that they’re researching it suggests that there is one.

“From what I recall, around 100 years ago, the [Romulan] fleet was attempting to use the alloy to protect themselves from the influence of tetryon fields in the Shoals and ignore regular warp speed constraints there,” remarked Chief Engineer Cmdr. Etas Dabin.

Written by Jaelyne Isa

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