USS Arrow heads to Sol Sector for Mission Debrief and R&R

USS Arrow heads to Sol Sector for Mission Debrief and R&R

EARTH, SOL SECTOR — The crew of the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) was recalled to Earth by Starfleet Command after their harrowing ordeal at Mercia IV, in which half of the crew was quarantined after coming into contact with metagenic compounds engineered by the Sheliak, and the other half almost caught in a trap set by Breen bounty hunters.

LtCmdr. R’Ariel and their archaic EMH efforts allowed the crew to escape the metagenic catastrophe via modern nanotech techniques. These are exceedingly volatile, and the command staff has raised concerns about their safety, but no significant reports have appeared thus far.

The Arrow is being repaired at Earth space port as the crew enjoys a rare visit to several of the crew’s home worlds.

Lt. JG Jacin Ayemet and Lt. JG Ar’Gorvalei visited Yosemite National Park, as well as the parents of fellow officer Ens. Connor Dewitt. Ens. Dewitt also bonded with Ens. Cassie Mason through their shared interest in antiquated book production.

The majority of the leave, however, was spent at the family home of LtCmdr. Quentin Collins III, Chief Science Officer, whose family had taken steps to invite as many senior staff members as possible to Collinsport in Maine, the Collins family’s ancestral home. The ghostly legends of Collinsport and Collins House enthralled the senior staff as they settled down for a weekend break on the seaside.

“The ancient home hasn’t seen such bustle in ages!” said Mrs. Johnson, the Collins family’s long-time housekeeper. “It’s great to see some activity there and around town. I hope our modest haven may provide some solace to these young Starfleet officers.”

Written by Maz Rodan

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