Unrepentant publican apprehended, Ops crew enjoy a well-deserved shore leave

Unrepentant publican apprehended, Ops crew enjoy a well-deserved shore leave

STARBASE 118 OPS — Undercover officers return safely with proof of Minister Idan Vett’s orchestration of poaching, while others help distribute a new medication to treat the new, virulent form of Craat’s.

Minister Idan Vett, an up-and-coming politician in the Bajor political circles, was arrested and confined after Starfleet officers brought forth information about his involvement with poachers. Targeting an endangered species, whose horns helped doctors develop a treatment for a deadly, mutated form of Craat’s, Idan’s attempts to manipulate and control the cure, led to his downfall. Colonel Nara Haku, Chief of Bajoran Intelligence, along with Glinn Lukin Zorkal, Cardassian Ambassador on Starbase 118 Ops, were both integral to apprehending the wayward politician.

“Minister Idan was the head of conservation, but he spent his time in office selling endangered species to the highest bidder,” Haku commented afterwards. “There is no place except prison for such a gross breach of office.”

Idan’s reach went beyond the poaching. Sources say he even tried to have the doctor who helped develop the cure arrested. Despite his protests, sources also indicate that he elicited the assistance of the Syndicate, and someone spotted a Marauder attacking Starfleet personnel.

“We encountered a vessel that later proved to be hostile,” Lieutenant Vitor Tito recalled of the ordeal. “It stopped our efforts to protect the pachitrod herd, but our mission was successful despite it.”

The crew took some time afterwards and enjoyed shore leave. Several visited Bajor, while others stretched their legs playing an ancient Terran sport called ‘Curling’ on the holodeck.

“It was less about the sport than the company,” Doctor Trovek Arys commented when asked about the strange activity. “And I hope we can do something similar more often from now on. I suppose it’s all about prioritising time with friends.”

Ops also welcomed a new member to the crew, who arrived just after the events folded. Crewmembers plan to remain on Bajor for a little longer before returning to Ops for more shore leave, which will leave ample opportunity for many adventures.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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