Terra Prime’s genetically modified weapon antigen developed on shore leave on Ops

Terra Prime’s genetically modified weapon antigen developed on shore leave on Ops

STARBASE 118 OPS – Substance T-P-357.24, the official name for a poisonous genetic substance manufactured by the terrorist organisation Terra Prime, is no longer a danger, and shore leave brings healing.

Terra Prime, a xenophobic organisation, recently seized command of the Miranda VII space station. Soon after, they unleashed their creation on the Utopia Colony, murdering 20,000 people. According to reports, it targets certain genetic markers found mostly in hybrids, and around 3% of its victims are humans, the same people Terra Prime has vowed to safeguard.

An accident in one of the labs compelled medical authorities to find a remedy as soon as possible. LtCmdr. Alora DeVeau, Ops’ first officer, was among those afflicted. Doctor Trovek Arys and her colleagues succeeded in developing an antigen that counteracts the effects.

“We were able to design an antidote that not only neutralises the effects of T-P-357.24, but also any related compounds,” explained Doctor Trovek. “The drug is being made easily available throughout the industry.”

Not all of the time spent on shore leave was spent looking for medical treatments. Following a momentary loss at the hands of Terra Prime, other officers took advantage of the chance to let their hair down. According to sources, Commodore Sal Taybrim was joined in multiple rounds of libation and drunken karaoke by LtCmdr. Ishani Kasun and Major Tatash. When queried about the night’s partying, Kasun merely stated, “No comment,” then proceeded to use language that violates Federation News Service propriety requirements.

Others had to deal with less pleasant consequences. LtCmdr. Shar’wyn Foster, a brilliant surgeon in his own right, had the tables turned on him when he had to go under the knife himself.

Lt. Prudence Blackwell was observed visiting Foster’s quarters and, when probed, said, “Wyn had to undergo a required treatment, but thankfully had one of the greatest doctors available. I’m happy with how nicely he handled the situation – and I guarantee, he was an amazing patient.”

When asked further about her connection with Doctor Foster, she stated, “I’m going to abide by a rule I think Doctor Foster can live with – patient confidentiality.”

Foster is anticipated to heal completely and return to snarking at patients very soon.

Terra Prime is not forgotten, despite shore leave and other travels and enjoyment. According to sources, Starfleet is taking the subject extremely seriously, and conversations about how to successfully neutralise the danger are already starting.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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