Talks with the Chalnoth lead to relic hunting on the ancient hunting world

Talks with the Chalnoth lead to relic hunting on the ancient hunting world

PANKOT SYSTEM, ALPHA ISLES – The unprecedented peace talks with the Chalnoth aboard the USS Arrow (NCC 69829) ended tumultuously as the ship was fired upon suddenly by another faction of Chalnoth.

The Arrow was ordered to rendezvous with the ICV Saracen to host the first negotiations with the hostile species at their request, which revealed an ancient map of a Chalnoth world known as Pankot. The map is said to contain the location of a lost artefact known as the Claw of Chalna and gives whoever holds the relic the ultimate right to rule the Chalnoth. Legend states that losing the artefact caused the rift between the species and its fall into anarchy.

While technically an internal matter for the Chalnoth, the dogfight between the ships was enough to bring Starfleet into the mix to try to stabilize the region. Capt. Randal Captain offered Capt. Messoq of the Saracen assistance in locating the Claw of Chalna and hopefully bringing peace to the Chalnoth government.

“The right to rule is sacred, now more than ever!” said Capt. Messoq. “My people need a strong leader like me to unite them and end the destruction and in-fighting generations of anarchy have caused. We need to recover our strength if we are to survive.”

Arriving at Pankot, the crew of the Arrow split into small teams to cover more ground. Team One led by Shayne, LtCmdr. Arrtinus Serinus, Lt.JG Jacin Ayemet and Ens. O’Malley beamed down to a frozen plateau in search of the Claw.

Team Two comprised LtCmdr. Maz Rodan, LtCmdr. Chloe Waters, and Lt.JGs Connor Dewitt and Ar’Gorvalei. Their trip to the second continent included a lush jungle with a Mesoamerican style stone pyramid hiding in the vegetation.

Team Three, made up of Cmdr. Ash MacKenna, LtCmdr. Quentin Collins, LtCmdr. R’Ariel and 1st Lt. Tallera visited a desert landscape crawling with ‘sand spiders’, which proved unlikely yet useful allies after a brief and very odd mind-meld.

The search for the Claw of Chalna continues…

Written by Maz Rodan

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