Starfleet crew on Amity feel anomaly’s impacts, colony location contested by noble houses of Betazed

Starfleet crew on Amity feel anomaly’s impacts, colony location contested by noble houses of Betazed

NURIOOTPA SOLAR NEBULA – Previous setbacks affect the Betazoid government’s Delta Quadrant colonisation efforts, while Starfleet officers deal with the fallout of being trapped in a gravitational well.

Noble delegates from the Second, Sixth and Twentieth Houses of Betazed are converging on Amity Outpost, and are expected to push their case for the Betazoid government commission for overseeing Betazoid colonisation in the Delta Quadrant. It comes after concerns were raised in Rixx when the original planet earmarked for colonisation, Idrustix, was discovered to harbour a sentient psionic bacteria that had negative health effects on people with psionic abilities.

The Twentieth House of Betazed was originally commissioned to establish a colony on Idrustix, a habitable planet located approximately 0.5 light years from Amity Outpost. The discovery of the psionic bacteria led to Betazed sending government mediator Tani Lekasa to review the decision and assess other candidate planets. Another planet Fana 6519-G was assessed by Amity’s Ambassador Rivi Vataix and Lekasa. Whilst there they were hunted by an Hirogen, casting security risks on that planet’s suitability for colonisation.

The delay in selecting a suitable colony planet has led to Second House Matriarch Maveni Siyel, Sixth House Daughter and magazine media mogul Lohani Vananth-Polgonz, and Twentieth House Son Ucron Dro to separately make the long six-week journey to Amity. They are each expected to push their case for their House to lead efforts in establishing Betazed’s first colony in the Delta Quadrant.

“The colonisation is a matter for the Betazoid Government,” said First Secretary Keehani Ukinix, Aide to Ambassador Vataix. “The Federation Diplomatic Corp is not involved in the decision making but will lend support wherever necessary to allow Betazed to achieve their goal of a Delta Quadrant colony.”

Ramifications of the delayed colonisation efforts, along with Amity’s overall safety posture, are being reviewed in light of the Hirogen attack. It is understood that Starfleet is assessing the security ramifications and mitigation plans for both Amity, and for a planned Betazoid colony.

This comes as the significant Starfleet presence on Amity is still feeling the effects of being trapped in a spatial anomaly inside a gravity well on the far side of the Barossa Nebula. Engineering officer Ens. Nathan Richards had to have his arm amputated and replaced by a replicated prosthetic as a result of being hit by a Class-6 probe inside the anomaly.

“It really does a number on you”, said Ens. Richards of the psychological impacts of the accident. “As far as recovery goes, just keeping busy and keeping my mind on work and the mission at hand gets me through.” Richards is expected to get a tailored and more suitable prosthetic in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Amity’s Starfleet stocks and capabilities were bolstered when the new Starfleet Academy graduate Ens. S’Raga, a Helm, Communications and Operations officer, was welcomed to the Outpost as a new addition to the crew.

Written by Kit Ivanovic

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