Poll of the Month: Lower Decks vs. Lower Decks

Poll of the Month: Lower Decks vs. Lower Decks

As we make our way through the third season of Lower Decks, we thought we’d look back at the first two series and ask you all who your favourite of the main characters is. Obviously, there an absolute plethora of characters to choose from if we expanded the choice (although the correct answer is obviously T’Ana) so we’re limiting ourselves to the main four Lower Deckers.

First up, Brad Boimler (or Boims to his friends); arguably the POV character for the first season, Boimler is the _ “the laziest, most corner-cutting officer in Starfleet history” _… or is he? Certainly that’s how he’s remembered in the far far future, but in the show we’re shown an incredibly eager and ambitious young man who is also very cautious and only does things to further his career.

Secondly, Beckett Mariner. What can we say about Mariner that hasn’t been said before? She’s a hard-working officer who never cuts corners, always obeys authority and has never deserved any of her promotions. We can say that because it’s not true. An incredibly hot mess, Mariner is a fantastic officer with an amazing intuition and drive, but possibly without ambition.

Thirdly, D’Vana Tendi, the endlessly optimistic science officer. Someone with boundless optimism, Tendi is “not one of those Orions” and is fiercely devoted to the rest of the group. She adores Rutherford most of all, and their friendship is one of the most wholesome relationships in all of Trek. Arguably the most knowledgeable of the group, she is also the most naïve; refusing to see the corruption of Dog when it’s blatantly opposite to everyone else.

Finally we have Sam Rutherford – the officer who has flitted from department to department (and settled back at Engineering again). He is a brilliant officer, and his implants give him extraordinary powers (and also dangerous side effects). Like Tendi, he is full of enthusiasm and a massive Trek nerd (building his own Deep Space Nine model) – hence their glorious friendship.

Whose your favourite? Drop us a line in the comments.

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